Hesai Technology (HSAI) announces a multi-year technology partnership agreement for lidar sensors with Inertial Labs

2 May 2023

Hesai Technology announced a multi-year Technology Partnership Agreement for lidar sensors with Inertial Labs, a global leader in mobile robotics navigation systems & inertial measurement units. Inertial Labs selected Hesai's sensors to provide perception and navigation capabilities for its navigation systems for autonomous marine, land, and aerial-based robotics systems.

Hesai's lidar sensor solutions enable robotics systems to operate autonomously and safely without human intervention. The sensors provide real-time 3D point cloud data for localization, obstacle detection, and path planning. Hesai's low-power sensors support autonomous mobile systems in various outdoor environmental conditions, including precipitation from rain, snow & fog. The sensors are also unaffected by varying lighting conditions and can operate in daytime & nighttime.

"Inertial Labs is a company with a rich history in hardware engineering. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive the adoption of advanced sensor-fusion navigation and perception technologies at more affordable costs. Our unwavering commitment to quality is evident in our products, which are designed to meet the highest performance and reliability standards. At Inertial Labs, product excellence is always our top priority. To ensure the quality and accuracy of our products, we conduct exhaustive testing in our labs and gather feedback from customers worldwide. Our research has led us to conclude that Hesai LiDAR sensors are the ideal choice for achieving highly accurate and reliable 3D measurements" stated Inertial Labs CEO, Jamie Marraccini.

Inertial Labs has a rich history in hardware engineering and is dedicated to developing cutting-edge cost-effective navigation and perception solutions using advanced sensor-fusion technologies. Our products are rigorously tested and receive customer feedback worldwide, ensuring the highest quality and performance. Based on our research, we have concluded that Hesai LiDAR sensors are optimal for achieving accurate and reliable 3D measurements.

"Inertial Labs' navigation and Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) provide seamlessly integrated heading & ego-motion data to the LiDAR data stream. With this fused data stream, customer's robotic systems can expertly navigate a variety of Operational Design Domains (ODDs) from the land, sea, and air." said Frank Bertini, Director of Technical Marketing.