GWM and Inchcape Enter Global Strategic Partnership, Advancing the Globalization Process

5 July 2023

As a global leading automotive brand, GWM boasts many years of global expansion. The company has a strong presence in multiple countries and regions, including Europe, ANZ, ASEAN countries, Central and South America, the Middle East and South Africa. It has established a global R&D system in China, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Japan and U.S.

Mu Feng, President of GWM, said that the global strategic partnership between GWM and Inchcape, signifies the further deepening of cooperation and will bring more business opportunities and prospects for future development. Inchcape, a global automotive industry giant with an extensive network and market influence in over 40 markets across the UK, Europe, Asia, Pacific and the America, aims to deliver an outstanding customer experience, and to give more customers global access to their impressive EV offering.

GWM will draw wisdom and successful experiences from Inchcape’s international operation, digital and data capabilities and management expertise to optimize its own global layout and operating model.

During the visit, the top executives of Inchcape toured GWM's technical center and SVOLT research departments, and the Baoding GWM dealership. Parker Shi, Vice President of GWM, gave a detailed introduction to the participants on GWM's global expansion, Forest Ecosystem, and future new energy strategic planning. They gained in-depth insights into GWM's outstanding performance in innovative technology, sustainable energy research, product lineup, and manufacturing capabilities. Duncan Tait, Group CEO of Inchcape, highly praised GWM's Forest Ecosystem for its comprehensive system centered on the vehicle, encompassing the full range of new energy, intelligent technologies, and related industries.

The collaboration between GWM and Inchcape focuses specifically on the enormous potential of the Indonesian market. As one of Southeast Asia's largest automotive markets, Indonesia has immense potential for automotive demand. GWM and Inchcape Group aim to achieve comprehensive growth in market presence and market share through deep collaboration in this market.

In the future, GWM and Inchcape will engage in in-depth discussions to expand scope of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and Africa. Both parties will leverage the opportunities brought by this collaboration to provide consumers with high quality automotive products and services through digitalized management throughout the entire user lifecycle. This partnership will yield favorable results for GWM's global strategy and further consolidate its leading position in the global market.