Guozi's Smart AMR Solution Powering Xiaomi's Innovative Auto Super Factory

17 April 2024

Guozi, a leading provider of intelligent logistics solutions, has made a significant impact in the automotive manufacturing industry by successfully deploying 94 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in Xiaomi's innovative auto factory in Beijing. These robots play a crucial role in ensuring efficient material handling.

The deployment marks a major milestone in Guozi's collaboration with Xiaomi, as the company continues to expand its presence in the automotive sector. Guozi's smart logistics solution is tailored to handle mixed scheduling of various vehicle types and carrier sizes, maintaining an impressive process accuracy of 7 millimeters. This ensures seamless operations and maximum efficiency within Xiaomi's factory, supporting the production of its highly anticipated electric vehicle lineup.

With this successful deployment, Guozi has once again demonstrated its capability in providing cutting-edge technology solutions to the automotive industry.

  • Precise Navigation and Docking

Guozi AMRs seamlessly navigate and dock with nearly 200 storage locations within the body shop and die-casting areas. Leveraging contour mapping and SLAM technology, the AMRs achieve high-precision navigation, ensuring accurate docking and undocking with real-time correction of deviations. This eliminates the need for human intervention throughout the process.

  • Intelligent Traffic Management and Scheduling

In the body shop and die-casting areas, four different Guozi AMR models – A10, A15, 2T Heavy-load carriers, and P4-X – work in tandem, handling a wide range of material tasks, including transporting oversized and heavy loads. Guozi multi-layered mapping system enables intelligent path planning and traffic management for mixed vehicle operations.

Advanced scheduling algorithms optimize the assignment and planning of nearly 100 AMRs and over 100 tasks, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy. The P4-X model, with a hybrid 2D code and SLAM navigation system, adjusts dynamically to accommodate various carrier sizes. Intelligent docking modes facilitate seamless box exchanges based on tasks received from Xiaomi's management system.

  • Intelligent Storage Management

To address limited storage space challenges, our intelligent storage management system seamlessly integrates with Xiaomi's management system, allowing intelligent management of loading and unloading buffer locations. This innovative solution enhances logistics efficiency by eliminating the need for dedicated empty storage locations.