GOTRAX Announces Upgraded Versions of Folding Electric Bikes

8 January 2024

GOTRAX, a leading brand in the market for personal electric vehicles, is releasing upgraded versions of its popular F1 and F2 models of folding electric bikes. Since their launch, these e-bikes have served as cutting-edge and versatile additions to the GOTRAX e-bike lineup, and with the release of their updated designs, GOTRAX looks to further raise its standard for quality in the e-bike market.

The F1 V2 and F2 V2 maintain the folding frames and wide tires that made their predecessors so beloved among riders. On top of that, each bike's features have been improved to achieve a better riding experience. The F1 V2 has received a larger 48V, 10.4Ah battery to match the F2, significantly improving its range. In addition, both bikes have been outfitted with superior brakes; the F1 V2 has received higher-quality brakes, and the F2V2 has made the jump to hydraulic brakes for maximum control and stopping power, even at full speed.

The bikes have also received a number of other noteworthy upgrades, including flashing brake lights, more comfortable seats, and color displays, all of which serve to make the riding experience more secure, convenient, and enjoyable. Furthermore, they come with five free accessories: a seat bag, a folding lock, rearview mirrors, a phone holder, and tire levers. Finally, their convenient foldable frames now come in new colors, including a dark green for the F1 V2 and a deep blue for the F2 V2.

Above all else, GOTRAX is dedicated to creating a reliable and entertaining riding experience on each and every one of its personal electric vehicles. GOTRAX hopes that riders will make the most of these new and improved versions of the F1 and F2 to revolutionize their daily transportation.

GOTRAX is a leading manufacturer of electric scooters and e-bikes. Since 2017, the Dallas-based company has been producing innovative personal electric vehicles, specializing in solutions for daily commuting and transportation.