Gamma Technologies and Proventia Join Forces to Accelerate Battery Development Through a Holistic Battery Simulation Platform

30 May 2023

Gamma Technologies and Proventia announced they have aligned to develop state-of-the-art battery and system models based on industry best practices. This partnership will help to guide and accelerate the development of Proventia’s battery products portfolio specialized in non-road mobile machines.

By leveraging Gamma Technologies’ environment for battery solutions, Proventia continues to innovate and thus maintain its leadership position in the market and expand the impact of their solutions’ portfolio.

“The industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, requiring us to act fast and decisively to meet the net zero ambitions,” stated Chris Walsh, CRO of Gamma Technologies. “We are pleased to embark on this journey with Proventia and be a key part of their advanced technology roadmap.” Walsh continued, “A trusted system simulation platform can play a key role in the accelerated development of innovative and high-quality products, while reducing development costs and time-to-market.”

This partnership establishes an ongoing collaboration and facilitates the sharing of expertise and thought leadership for battery technologies and electrification in general. Both partners hope this collaboration will lead to further contributions from the off-highway industry and we are all stakeholders in the transformation towards a sustainable future.

Jari Granath, Proventia Electric Powertrain Product Manager remarked, “Decision-making on the power sources of agricultural, construction, mining, and material handling machinery, for instance, is not simple in this rapidly evolving industry. Proventia offers high-power battery solutions that will enable not only the usage of batteries but also the usage of hydrogen fuel cells in the machines.” Granath continued, “This partnership with Gamma Technologies supports our customers in electrification and hydrogen projects. We use GT-SUITE simulations to guide and assess the design, integration, and control aspects of our battery products in relation to our customers’ machine engineering.”