Fox Factory Partners With King Of The Hammers To Build Ultimate Off-road Vehicle

6 February 2023

FOX Factory Performance Vehicle Development launches an exclusive trim level of the historical Ford Bronco at the 2023 King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, Calif, Feb. 4-11th.

FOX Factory PVD's special edition Bronco is custom designed to mimic the 4600 class Broncos raced at the prestigious King of the Hammers (KOH) event, while still maintaining on-road comfort, for aggressive, yet discerning drivers. The foundation of this vehicle is built upon exclusively tuned FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Shocks and numerous top-of-the-line premium features creating an exemplary package tailored for hard-core off-road enthusiasts. Each KOH edition Bronco has undergone extreme off-road testing on all proprietary products that make up the KOH edition package. Only an incredibly limited number of the KOH edition Bronco will be built and distributed to FOX Factory PVD dealers throughout the United States.

"The King of the Hammers edition Bronco is truly one of a kind, offering exclusive design, unmatched quality, and performance to explore any terrain, all backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and available purchase at partnering Ford dealerships across the US. At Fox, we are proud to be partnered with King of the Hammers and Jason Scherer to continue building a legacy rooted in best-in-class offroad racing. " said Drew Kerley, Vice President of Business and Strategy, FOX Factory, Inc.

King of the Hammers is one of the most popular national race series founded by Hammerking Productions. The off-road race takes place in the heart of Johnson Valley, Calif, pushing Ultra 4 vehicles through miles of extreme desert terrain and rock crawling. This renowned race is held at the beginning of each year and is known to be the toughest weeklong one-day off-road races in the world.

"The King of the Hammers edition Bronco isn't just a graphics package, it's a performance-based vehicle that has been tested and perfected for over a year. Throughout the testing phase, we spent days in the desert driving on the toughest of trails to driving on the pavement to a coffee shop so we could properly tune the FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Shocks to ensure its capable on and off road," said Jason Scherer, 3-Time KOH Winner. "Throughout all the vehicles I've built and tested, the KOH Bronco is a dream come true, all the unique details make it perfect. This vehicle reflects my style, it's not for the show, it's for the adventure and for those who enjoy the quality and details that make it shine!

Dave Cole, Hammerkings Production's President and Chief Executive Officer, commented "The King of the Hammers edition Bronco is a culmination of our relationship with Ford, FOX Factory and the exceptional drivers that have forged the King of the Hammers racing.  The new Bronco was rooted in Johnson Valley, home of King of the Hammers and with the right partners like FOX and drivers like 3-Time KOH Winner and Champion Jason Scherer it's the epitome of the best-in-class Bronco."

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