FOTON held MEGA SHOW, updating the dual line of global product capabilities

17 April 2023

From April 11 to 14, the Foton Global Partner Conference 2023 with the theme "TOGETHER WE WIN THE FUTURE" was held in Beijing, China . More than 110 major distributors from 23 countries around the world attended the event, which was aimed at uniting global strategic development directions and sharing the achievements of globalization. On April 12, FOTON MEGA SHOW opened with more than 100 commercial vehicle categories covering all series of commercial vehicle combination into a "W" type, covering fuel, hybrid, electric and hydrogen routes. It implies a win-win development of FOTON and its global partners.

FOTON has improved its value chain with intelligent manufacturing system and technology quality control standards. The company has joint ventures with Cummins and ZF, maintains a strategic partnership with CATL to enable new energy and fuel product upgrades, establishing a "SuperPowerTrain" worldwide.

FOTON has achieved breakthroughs and leadership in core business in Southeast Asia, Latin America and other regions. In Colombia , FOTON has ranked second in truck sales for three consecutive years and maintains market share in AMT heavy trucks. In the Philippines, FOTON's 7.5 ton light truck model has been the top seller for three consecutive years.

FOTON has always adhered to a strategic development path of "ICE+BEV" double-line development. As early as 2003, FOTON started the research and development of new energy vehicle technology, independently researching and mastering the "three electric" core technologies with the development of multi-route new energy technologies such as pure electric fuel cells. , hybrid and hydrogen. In recent years, under the global trend of "decarbonization", FOTON has entered the global market with its new energy products in China .where competition is most intense. The company's pure electric light-duty trucks, vans and buses have passed the EU's WVTA certification and are now "coming to" Italy, Poland, Spain and other European countries. At the same time, FOTON's electric development projects with European light commercial vehicle leaders are also underway, and its European business is comprehensively accelerating.

FOTON had delivered more than 1,400 pure electric buses in Latin America, becoming the brand with the largest e-bus market share in the region. In markets such as Malta , Mexico, Australia , New Zealand, India and Egypt, FOTON's electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses have also achieved commercial operations in central arenas such as public transportation systems and international airports.