Fort Moore EV charging project provides another example of EVSE solution

19 October 2023

Fort Moore and Georgia Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, recently entered into a contract to install 63 electric vehicle chargers at 23 locations across the base, allowing up to 126 vehicles to be plugged in on the base simultaneously. The project is underway and expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2024.

Georgia Power was awarded a task order to provide a turnkey electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) solution using the General Services Administration Areawide Contract (AWC). The AWC task order will be used to provide a holistic and scalable EVSE solution to support electrification requirements.

The AWC provides a useful contracting vehicle with regulated servicing utility companies. Under this arrangement, federal agencies may order utilities and other services from that supplier.  The electric distribution system at Fort Moore is owned and managed by Flint Energies. Georgia Power, in partnership with Flint Energies, will extend the distribution system and add the charging stations necessary to charge the expanded electric vehicle fleet.

"Fort Moore leads the Army in our development and adoption of large-scale EV projects," stated Col. Colin Mahle, Fort Moore Garrison commander. "The Army's goal is for all of our non-tactical vehicles to be EV by 2035. That will take more than just adding electric vehicles to our fleet, it will take additional infrastructure. We intend to achieve our goal of 100 percent EV vehicles early."

The EV charging project at Fort Moore is an example of better energy use and overall modernization. It also demonstrates Southern Company's commitment to supporting the resiliency, net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and decarbonization efforts of the Department of Defense installations and their efforts to meet the requirements of the Biden Administration Executive Order 14057.

"In addition to being essential for national defense, our nation's military bases are powerful economic engines for surrounding communities providing jobs and driving thriving local economies," said Chris Cummiskey, executive vice president, chief customer solutions and chief commercial officer for Southern Company. "We're appreciative of this partnership with Fort Moore, further exhibiting our mutual commitment to energy innovation and decarbonization. As the new EV charging stations become electrified across the installation this year, we're certain the investment that is being made today will benefit the base for years to come."