Flex Company brings together experts and professionals from the automotive sector to train in hybrid electric vehicles

31 October 2023

Flex Company, one of the first independent technical schools in Brazil to offer training for hybrid and electric vehicles, will promote on November 4th, in São Caetano do Sul (SP), Mundo Pró VHE 2023. The event is aimed at professionals in the automotive sector and aims to offer technical training with some of the best experts in the field.

In the first edition of the event, in 2022, more than 1,500 professionals from different Brazilian states participated in the event. For this edition, more than a thousand professionals have been confirmed so far. "The growing popularization of hybrid and electric vehicles in Brazil requires professionals in the automotive sector to be prepared to meet this demand. Mundo Pró VHE 2023 is an opportunity for professionals to not only train themselves, but also stay up to date on technologies and trends that encompass the market", says Francisco Almeida , director of Flex Company Trainings.

Brazilian hybrid and electric vehicle market

Sales of light electrified vehicles in Brazil grew 76% in the first eight months of 2023, compared to the same period last year. The data, which comes from the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE), considers light hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and pure electric (BEV) and HEV flex cars. According to the survey, the growth in sales of light electrified vehicles is a global trend, driven by factors such as the reduction in battery costs and increased concern for the environment.

In Brazil, especially, growth in sales of light electrified vehicles is expected to continue in the coming months. As of August this year, light electrified vehicles already represent 3.6% of the Brazilian automotive market, compared to 2.29% in 2022. As a result, the demand for professionals in the automotive sector qualified to meet the demand for these vehicles also continues to grow.

"Hybrid and electric vehicles present significant differences in relation to internal combustion vehicles. They have more complex electrical systems, which require specific knowledge and skills to be worked on. As a result, what we noticed in the market is that there is still a 'gap 'very large between the volume of vehicles sold, which includes not only light vehicles, but also heavy vehicles and micromobility vehicles, and the number of professionals to supply this growing number", says Francisco Almeida, director of Flex Company, one of the first technical schools in the Brazil to offer independently, that is, without a link to an automaker, technical training for repairers and professionals in the sector in hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Flex Company director also highlights the importance of keeping an eye on customer service strategies. "I believe that the service strategy for this sector must be based on three pillars. The first is the training of professionals, since it is essential to be prepared to meet the specific demands of hybrid and electric vehicles. Having adequate infrastructure, which includes acquisition of appropriate equipment and tools, as well as the formation of qualified teams. And, finally, promoting a positive customer experience", says Almeida.

Among the main guest speakers and topics that will be covered are Val Arrais , considered one of Brazil's greatest experts in hybrid and electric vehicles, who has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive sector, who will talk about hydrogen-powered electric vehicles; Rodrigo Koji , leading specialist in Brazil, responsible for numerous official homologation tests for electric vehicles and for projects that encourage the growth of sustainable electrification in Brazil, who will talk about the use of lithium batteries; Rodrigo Galski , National Sales Manager at Forta Tech, exclusive importer and distributor of the Launch brand in Brazil, who has experience in automotive diagnostics and maintenance, which will map the impact of hybrid and electric vehicle technology in workshops; Rodrigo Santana , leader of On Tech Baterias, a workshop specializing in hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as a teacher at Flex Company, who will talk about VHE diagnostics and reports; Sérgio Santos, a businessman for over 27 years at SR Motors Serviços Automotivos and also the idealist of the SR Method, which aims to mentor workshop owners across the country, who will talk about how to price premium line and electrical services.

The initiative has the support of large companies in the automotive or educational sector, such as Wurth do Brasil; Forta Tech Launch; Thunder Electromobility; Totality Armored; Delta Tools; Toriba dealership; IBEMOB; Anhanguera University; Motivation Lectures; Speaker's MBA; SR Method; On Tech Baterias and Grupo RAE. These companies have the mission of encouraging green/clean energy and the advancement of hybrid and electric vehicles.