Faurecia-Aptoide and Catappult launch the world's first app distribution center for cars

2 February 2023

Faurecia-Aptoide and Catappult have announced that they will jointly launch an innovative app distribution service for cars.

Developers can now distribute their games and apps in cars using Faurecia-Aptoide's highly regarded app store technology. Faurecia Aptoide already works with major automotive brands such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

With the new service available at Catappult , developers can now design and tune their apps and games for cars, manufacturers can customize their app stores, and users get access to a wide range of apps and games built on their own interests and the capabilities of their car.

The new distribution center will be made available to mobile app developers through Catappult - the one-stop shop for distributing apps across multiple channels. This means that developers can now distribute their apps not only in the major global app stores, but now also in the top car brands to enhance consumers' digital in-car experience.

"It's incredibly exciting to launch this service together with Catappult," said Thijs van Herkhuizen, General Manager of Faurecia Aptoide Automotive for manufacturers to offer a special selection of apps and games tailored to their cars and the needs of their drivers."

Aptoide COO Álvaro Pinto sees the new partnership between Faurecia-Aptoide and Catappult as "a game-changing solution that will enable the automotive industry to offer its customers a much richer, more personalized experience."

"The technology and collaboration between Faurecia-Aptoide and Catappult offers developers and manufacturers an exciting opportunity to work together to create a unique app experience for customers, ushering in a new era of in-car app distribution," explains Álvaro Pinto.

The new car app distribution center is now available at https://catappult.io/ .