EVCS and Presto Announce Strategic Partnership for Fleet Charging

12 January 2024

EVCS, one of the largest electric vehicle fast-charging network operators on the West Coast, and Presto Charging, a leading EV charging software platform, proudly announced their strategic partnership today. Presto's EV customers, such as fleets, mobility providers, and businesses, will now have direct access to EVCS' network of over 1,000 chargers on the West Coast.

Through the Presto app, fleets will be able to locate EVCS sites, access live status information of chargers' availability, and initiate charging sessions, making the fast charging experience convenient, reliable, and seamless. Presto's fleet customers can benefit from special rates at EVCS locations via Presto's charging offers. Today, EVCS locations in California are available on the Presto app, with Washington and Oregon locations set to be available within the coming months. The partnership marks a significant step toward a more accessible and integrated electric vehicle charging ecosystem for all customers.

These efforts are supported by Noodoe, EVCS' chargepoint management system and EV charging cloud services provider. Noodoe has demonstrated world-class OCPI implementation and successfully integrated the system to ensure seamless roaming between EVCS and Presto.

"We are excited to bring the EVCS network to the Presto app," said Karim Farhat, EVCS Chief Commercial Officer. "Recognizing the crucial need for seamless access to charging infrastructure, this integration empowers fleets to effortlessly locate and use EVCS' extensive network of fast and reliable chargers. Our collaboration with Presto today marks another significant milestone in our roaming efforts, and a step forward in streamlining the transition to a carbon-free electric future for mobility."

"We are thrilled to partner with EVCS on fleet electrification where we share a common goal of creating magical charging experiences," said JJ Raynor, Presto Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer. "Today, our fleet partners can seamlessly and reliably access EVCS' leading network in California and will be soon expanding throughout the West Coast."

"Noodoe welcomed the opportunity introduced by EVCS to interoperate with Presto," said Roman Kleinerman, Noodoe's VP of Product. "We believe that roaming interconnections are one of the best ways to ensure global charging visibility, enhanced driver experience, and overall EV adoption, all of which are achievable only with complete OCPI support."