Envoy Technologies Announces Expansion Plan to Double Electric Car Share As An Amenity In The US

19 January 2023

Envoy Technologies announced plans to double property partnership providing electric car share as an amenity for multifamily housing, hotels and offices buildings. Envoy is the first company in the US to provide mobility as an amenity. This expansion plan will further accelerate Envoy's growth and provide real estate owners, developers and contractors with the competitive edge to meet occupancy goals including the added bonus of a revenue share program.

Envoy's model provides a seamless turnkey solution for real estate partners looking to attract valuable residents and guests while helping to differentiate their property from the competition. Electric cars are booked through the Envoy Mobility app providing valuable use data and revenue projections.
Using strategic real estate partnerships, Envoy launched in 2017 in the multifamily housing and workplace sectors and expanded to include hospitality last year. This includes luxury resorts with a Tesla Model X at The Havens in Snowmass, Colorado and 2 Tesla Model 3s at The Cliffs At Princeville in Kauai through Envoy Hawaii.

"Our mission has been clear from day one. We provide an easy, long term solution for the highly competitive real estate market," said Ori Sagie, CEO, Envoy Technologies. "In addition, we fulfill a core value of leading the way with an environmentally responsible mobility solution that will impact generations to come."

Envoy electric car fleets are active in over 118 properties across 22 states, including California, Oregon, Nevada, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida. And recently added  2 Tesla Model 3s at The Citizen, Birmingham, Alabama.

Envoy electric car fleet includes but is not limited to all Tesla models, Rivian, Mercedes, Porsche, Polestar, Nissan plus Chevrolet for economy options.The expansion plan includes increasing market penetration in the South and Midwest with sights set on Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, and Montana.

For more information visit, https://www.envoythere.com/evmobility