ENNOVI Introduces Automotive 10Gbps+ Ethernet Connector Solution

14 March 2024

ENNOVI, a mobility electrification solutions partner, has introduced ENNOVI-Net today. This new customizable Automotive Ethernet connector solution, supporting 10Gbps operation, has unique properties that will be of major benefit to vehicle manufacturers and their Tier 1 supply partners.

The ENNOVI-Net connector designs have a standardized USCAR interface. However, what makes them different from existing products using this interface is that ENNOVI-Net has press-fit pins as opposed to through-board solder pins. This patent-pending innovation thereby completely avoids the need for soldering.

By having access to press-fit interconnects, automotive customers are presented with a far simpler and faster assembly process, with a much lower risk of errors occurring. As solder usage is eliminated, there are no problems caused by variations in the amount of solder paste applied (and the capacitance associated with this). In addition, the shortness and lower capacitance of press-fit pins, compared to through-board solder pins, means resonance is reduced. For both of the above reasons, greater signal integrity can be achieved. Additionally, a press-fit strategy supports manufacturing operations to be conducted in a socially responsible way, with minimal impact on the environment in comparison to soldering processes creating solder fumes during assembly.

The ENNOVI-Net Automotive Ethernet connector design solution allows for customization to accommodate specific board- and connector interface positioning enabling integration into final applications. Consequently, based on ENNOVI's large offering of released press-fit pins to most of the largest automotive Tier 1 suppliers, their specific press-fit pins can be accommodated. A -40°C to +105°C operational temperature range is supported by ENNOVI-Net connectors, along with ≥ 25 mating cycle durability.

The automotive-grade ENNOVI interconnect is designed to be employed in numerous applications such as ADAS ECUs, Zone Controllers, Radar Housings, Sensor Housings, and HV Powertrain controllers.

According to Ralph Semmeling, Product Portfolio Director for Signal Interconnects at ENNOVI, "With ENNOVI's ENNOVI-Net, we are shaking up the Automotive Ethernet connectivity needs by supporting 10Gbps high-speed data operations and bringing a new value proposition to Tier 1 suppliers. By having access to a press-fit version of the commonly deployed USCAR interface type, the automotive industry will be able to make production workflows more efficient and curb operational expenses without compromising on performance or reliability."

For more information on the new ENNOVI-Net Automotive Ethernet connector series, please visit: https://ennovi.com/automotive-ethernet-connector.