Energica and Electra Forge R&D Partnership to Revolutionize the Two-Wheel Electric Vehicle Experience

24 May 2024

Energica Motor Company leader in high-performing electric motorcycles and EV system integration, and Electra Vehicles Inc., an industry leader in applied AI-ML for battery management software solutions, are excited to announce a strategic R&D partnership to revolutionize the electric two-wheeler market.

This collaboration will leverage Electra’s AI-powered technology to enhance battery performance, optimize vehicle range, charging, and lifetime while also improving the overall driving experience.

Energica has been at the forefront of electric vehicle technology from its base in Italy's Motor Valley for over a decade, consistently introducing pioneering solutions. This new strategic R&D collaboration with Electra will utilize Electra’s 'Brain for Batteries' AI technology to improve the battery management systems (BMS) in Energica’s vehicles, enhancing performance across the board.

"We met Electra and were immediately interested in their AI solutions related to batteries, a crucial element on which we have based our know-how from the beginning," said Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company. "Together with their team, we have started a research and development collaboration apply AI to the BMS of our batteries. The objective is to better monitor the data and optimize the range. The studies are still underway, but we are thrilled to be able to work together with a dynamic company like Electra."

AI is crucial in managing real-time battery performance, benefiting drivers, vehicle OEMs, and fleet operators alike. Electra's advanced algorithms seamlessly integrate battery data with external factors such as driving behavior and temperature. This data integration and elaboration through AI algorithms can shorten charging times, optimize range extension, extend battery life, and reduce the battery’s operational costs. These enhancements help alleviate range anxiety for drivers and foster broader adoption of electric vehicles.

"The battery is the heart of any electric vehicle. Adding a ‘Brain’ to manage it, supported by AI, not only enhances performance and durability but also addresses fundamental driver and industry concerns," commented Fabrizio Martini, an ex-NASA engineer now CEO and Founder of Electra.

Electra's AI-powered technology enhances battery performance by optimizing energy consumption and reducing charging times. It accurately estimates the battery's state of health with up to 97% accuracy throughout its entire lifespan, extending its life by over 20%. The technology also provides precise range estimations with just a 1% error rate, helping to reduce range anxiety. Additionally, it preemptively detects faults and maintenance issues months in advance, significantly improving safety, reliability, and cost efficiency. This comprehensive approach elevates battery asset monitoring, increases operational efficiency, and boosts ROI for electric vehicles and batteries, promoting the broader adoption of EVs.

By integrating Electra’s solutions to enhance battery life, performance, predictive maintenance, and fault detection, Energica effectively minimizes costs associated with downtime and maintenance while improving battery reliability. Through this innovative technology and this R&D program with Electra, Energica wants to reaffirm its dedication to delivering its customers the safest and most innovative solutions.