Electromobility: Exyte to build state-of-the-art dry room for Volkswagen's first ever battery cell gigafactory

12 October 2023

Exyte, a renowned global leader specializing in the design, engineering, and delivery of cutting-edge facilities, is furthering its commitment to global sustainability by undertaking the construction of a cutting-edge dry room for Volkswagen in Salzgitter, Germany. This dry room will be situated within Volkswagen's battery cell gigafactory, which is presently under construction at the Salzgitter site. The dry room's footprint will be equivalent to the area of five soccer fields.

Salzgitter is where Volkswagen's inaugural Group-owned battery cell factory is taking shape. By 2025, it will commence production of unit cells for the volume automotive segment, with the potential to produce up to 40 GWh annually. This capacity is ample to power approximately 500,000 electric vehicles.

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO of Exyte, expressed, "Securing this contract is a strategically significant milestone for Exyte and underscores the confidence top-tier companies place in our capacity to execute premium projects. We are enthusiastic about contributing to the European automotive sector's transition to sustainable mobility."

Exyte recognizes the substantial potential in employing a design and build approach for projects related to battery cell gigafactories, which include facilities like dry rooms. Expert assessments indicate that up to 150 gigafactories are expected to be established worldwide in the coming years. In Europe alone, 30 gigafactories are currently in the planning stages to facilitate the rapid growth of electromobility. Büchele stated, "The design and construction of battery cell production facilities is a business area that will continue to develop positively, putting Exyte in an ideal position to create more opportunities to grow profitably in the future."