Easy Move Foton Brand Rejuvenation Strategy Unveiled

30 August 2023

On its 27th anniversary, FOTON celebrated the occasion with a significant brand rejuvenation launch event, held at the Simatai Great Wall in Beijing, China. This event served as a platform to unveil FOTON's new brand philosophy and future strategies, marking a pivotal moment in the company's journey.

During this event, FOTON introduced its new brand identity and five major business strategies, underscoring the company's ambitious vision for its forthcoming development. Chang Rui, Chairman of Foton Motor Group, highlighted the customer-centric approach and emphasized the five pivotal business strategies that will steer FOTON's trajectory forward. These strategies encompass technological empowerment, innovative business models, and a strong global presence. With a dedicated focus on the dual-carbon strategy, new energy strategy, digital ecosystem construction, globalization, and a refreshed brand strategy, FOTON aspires to propel innovation, adeptly addressing both industry challenges and opportunities.

As part of its transformation, FOTON aims to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the "dual-carbon strategy," accelerating its innovative efforts. The company is committed to achieving carbon peak by 2028, establishing core factory carbon neutrality by 2035, and attaining complete value chain carbon neutrality by 2050.

In a bid to expedite the transition to new energy vehicles, FOTON's attention will be directed towards urban markets, city clusters, and long-haul logistics sectors. This strategic focus encompasses pure electric, hydrogen fuel, and hybrid technologies, with the goal of achieving a 20% penetration rate of new energy vehicle products by 2025 and an even more ambitious 50% by 2030.

Furthermore, FOTON is resolute in constructing a robust and efficient digital ecosystem. By pioneering innovative marketing models, FOTON aims to drive its dealerships towards transitioning from traditional sales and service to a customer-centric operational model. This evolution will include areas such as used vehicles, operational leasing, and energy supply.

FOTON is steadfast in its commitment to global development, striving to achieve substantial growth on a global scale. The company aims to consolidate its market foundations in developing countries, expedite its national industrial layout, and capitalize on opportunities to establish a presence in developed markets. This multifaceted strategy underscores FOTON's commitment to growth, innovation, and sustainability as it embarks on the next chapter of its journey.

SOURCE Foton International