Cyngn Launches Consultancy Service to Support New Autonomous Vehicle Projects

13 October 2023

Cyngn, a developer of AI-powered autonomous driving solutions for industrial applications, is excited to announce the expansion of its offerings with the introduction of expert Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Consultancy Services. With this new initiative, Cyngn is committed to partnering with businesses in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, helping them to plan autonomous vehicles solutions that yield more successful AV deployment and development projects.

So far, several companies have benefited from Cyngn's AV expertise, including companies from the Fortune Global 500. This program has already led to cutting-edge AV development projects in manufacturing and mining. This year, the company announced two successfully completed projects: one with Arauco, the global wood supplier, and one with a global OEM in the mining industry.

"Many business leaders come to us with ideas of vehicles or workflows they would like to automate," said Cyngn CEO, Lior Tal. "This service enables our expertise to begin generating insight and value to our customers even before we deploy autonomous vehicles in production, which ultimately forges stronger working relationships. We also expose ourselves to valuable market data that informs our own strategic initiatives. For example, our successful autonomous forklift project established world-class partners in Arauco and BYD. We've started to commercialize the autonomous forklift and are now accepting pre-orders."

Cyngn's autonomous vehicle consultancy service expands upon its suite of industrial AV products and reinforces its core belief that without automation, businesses will struggle to remain competitive. By focusing on surfacing details that deliver the most significant impact to efficiency and safety, Cyngn helps to illuminate the value and plan for AV adoption.

Clients working with Cyngn's seasoned experts can look forward to:

  • Streamlined Operations: Cyngn optimizes workflows, enhancing productivity.
  • Enhanced Worker Satisfaction: Improved employee experiences result in greater productivity.
  • Technology Insights: Stay at the forefront of automation with expert guidance on the optimal solutions for a given use case from sensors to AI to computer vision.
  • Quantifiable Benefits: Identify and measure advantages that enhance profitability.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Gain insights to make well-informed choices about autonomy, maximizing returns on investment.

To learn more about Cyngn's consultancy services and discover how autonomy can enhance your business operations, visit Join us in revolutionizing the future of automation and unlocking new possibilities for growth.