Cyngn Expands U.S. Patent Portfolio for its Autonomous Vehicle Technologies with 15th Patent

4 October 2023

Cyngn Inc. (Cyngn), a company specializing in AI-powered autonomous driving solutions for industrial applications, has announced the issuance of a new patent, US-11760368-B2, related to their autonomous vehicle (AV) and driving solutions. This patent is designed to protect Cyngn's innovative same-loop adaptive simulation approach, which aims to enhance autonomous driving by simultaneously utilizing both simulated and real-world driving data to inform the actions of an autonomous vehicle (AV).

Lior Tal, the CEO of Cyngn, emphasized the company's dedication to innovation and mentioned that this latest patent brings their total number of U.S. patents to 15. He also highlighted the strategic nature of their patent portfolio expansion, with an additional 10 U.S. patents and 20 international patents currently in the submission process. These patents are part of Cyngn's plan to deliver high-quality products while safeguarding their intellectual property.

Cyngn specializes in providing businesses with a seamless path to integrate self-driving technology into their operations, without requiring significant upfront investments or the replacement of existing vehicle assets.

This new patent follows Cyngn's recent announcement of acquiring four additional patents related to their proprietary technology, covering areas such as vehicle sensors, obstacle detection systems, autonomous driving predictions, and multi-channel object matching.