CTR and TUV Rheinland sign a strategic partnership for the automotive sector

2 June 2023

TUV Rheinland, world leader in testing and certification services, and the Randon Technological Center , signed a strategic partnership for testing and homologation of vehicles and automotive components. CTR is considered one of the most complete open technology centers for mobility in South America. With 15 kilometers of test field, more than 20 types of tracks and a 2,200 m2 building with laboratories, engineering and administration offices, the complex has ideal conditions to offer exclusive and integrated solutions to customers in the mobility sector. The partnership aims to offer a wide range of certification services for commercial vehicles, light vehicles, agricultural vehicles, vehicle systems and components with all the security and flexibility that customers demand.

"The partnership with Centro Tecnologico Randon allows us to complement our services in the mobility sector", said Stela Kos, Director of Mobility at TUV Rheinland for Latin America. "We are constantly striving to provide our customers with our automotive engineering expertise and certification, quickly and conveniently, and with absolute security. With our experts in our own TUV Rheinland office within the CTR, we are able to meet our customers' needs the best way possible."

The Randon Technological Center occupies an area of more than 90 hectares in Farraupilha, in the south of Brazil. The site has complete infrastructure for carrying out a wide range of tests to meet the demands of vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, agricultural equipment and systemists.

“Our focus is on qualified and complete service to our customers, providing all the possibilities for solutions in a single location, adding speed of service. For us, this complementary action with TUV Rheinland is very important, to provide agility in the approval of products for the national and foreign market”, highlights the director-superintendent of Advanced Technology at Randoncorp and executive responsible for the Randon Technological Center, Cesar Augusto Ferreira .

The partnership between TUV Rheinland and CTR also aims to meet the demands of an automotive sector in constant evolution, which requires flexible solutions so that innovations reach the market in a shorter period of time, increasing competitiveness. The collaboration between the two companies facilitates customer logistics by enabling a one-stop shop concept that offers several services in a single location, allowing products to be validated to be sold in over 60 countries.

For Cesar Augusto Ferreira, this agreement is an important milestone, as the synergies and complementarity will allow for greater performance in the development of tests for new mobility technologies. "While we have independent commercial and business teams, the presence of a TV Rheinland office within the CTR will speed up the product development, testing and homologation cycle for customers of both companies."

"The partnership with the Randon Technological Center will allow us to meet the testing, certification and homologation requirements in a single location. Thus, the product will leave the CTR ready for the market", announces Stela Kos.