Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI) Introduces 20kW On-Board Charger for Commercial Electric Vehicles

28 April 2023

Coulomb Solutions Inc. (CSI), a provider of cutting-edge electrification solutions, announced today that it has developed a unique and innovative 20kW On-Board Charger for the commercial electric vehicle industry.    

Coulomb Solutions Inc. has designed and engineered a highly sought after solution to help commercial electric vehicle users meet their charging needs in the North American Market. The proprietary 20 kW On-Board Charger offers full power output with single-phase input. This is unique versus the three-phase standard commonly found in Europe and China. CSI's design is cost effective and eliminates the need for multiple units stacking or configuration. Thus, it reduces extra high-voltage cabling and associated costs as well as decreases the overall footprint and mass. In addition, the component will offer the capability to add bi-directional charging.

"We are pleased to bring CSI's high-tech 20 kW On-Board Charger to the commercial electric vehicle market," said David Mazaika, CEO of Coulomb Solutions Inc. "As the electric utilities struggle to meet the tremendous demand to install DC fast charging, our innovative On-Board Charger provides the optimal solution that allows end-users and fleets to charge their vehicles overnight with common outlets in their facilities. Beyond our new On-Board Charger, CSI offers a complete suite of other unique and reliable electric commercial vehicle components such as AC compressors, DC-DC converters, accessory inverters, and chillers. CSI also offers a wide range of standard Li-Ion battery packs to electrify the world's commercial vehicles and reduce emissions, to better the world for society."