CarData Inc. Announces Acquisition of AutoNetTools

20 December 2023

CarData Inc. has announced it is acquiring Michigan-based AutoNetTools. The move expands CarData's already considerable range of technologically enhanced automotive advertising capabilities thanks to AutoNetTools' expert team and capabilities in automotive marketing photography, videography, and window sticker creation.

"Henry Ford said, 'Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success,' and that's just what this new path allows us to do," explained Wayne Balroop, General Operations Manager for CarData Inc. "AutoNetTools is a member of our growing family, and we look forward to working together to create success for our clients."

Founded in 2015, CarData Inc. has experienced tremendous growth. The company's commitment to capturing evocative auto photos and videos, as well as value-added capabilities that take the legwork out of getting those assets online and in front of potential customers, are the keys to that success. Currently, CarData Inc. offers four key services to help dealerships amplify their online reach and drive customers to the lot, including:

Vehicle Photography – Professionally staged digital photos that put new and used vehicles in the best light possible.

Vehicle Videos – High-quality videos, including live walkaround videos, to engage potential buyers.

Spin360 – In-depth car videos highlighting critical features and details to entice customers to inquire further.

Window Labels and Buyers Guides – Informative labels that drive action through the use of advanced features like QR codes, graphics, and important data to inform buying decisions.
AutoNetTools was founded in 2009 by Jennifer Patten, a former general manager of a car dealership. After experiencing frustration with limited access to marketing capabilities as a dealership GM, Jennifer took matters into her own hands. AutoNetTools delivered critical merchandising and marketing solutions for automotive dealerships struggling to gain an advantage over competitors and stand out to their customers. Those included evocative, professional photographs, videos, window stickers, background enhancements, photo overlays, and more. Those capabilities made AutoNetTools an ideal match for CarData Inc.

With the acquisition, Jennifer will redouble her focus on another passion, Paradigm Shift. This initiative allows Jennifer to share her hard-won insight and expertise as an executive business coach to help her clients brand their unique fingerprints.

"We look forward to providing stellar service to our dealership partners," Mr. Balroop continued. "With the additional bandwidth offered by AutoNetTools, we're more capable than ever of delivering critical solutions that help dealerships move the needle and connect with customers ready to purchase a vehicle."

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