CAN-AM Transforms The Rider Experience And Performance With The All New 2024 Maverick R

21 August 2023

BRP Inc. is disrupting the recreational side-by-side (SSV) category with the introduction of the innovative Maverick R. Designed to challenge norms and elevate performance, the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R lineup is set to redefine the off-road landscape. This machine, engineered with a rider-focused approach and inspired by Can-Am's unwavering pursuit of performance, boasts a groundbreaking 240-horsepower engine, a cutting-edge Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), unparalleled suspension travel, and an array of enhanced technology, all aimed at taking the rider experience to unprecedented heights.

Sandy Scullion, President of the Powersports Group at BRP, emphasized the brand's belief that progress stems from pushing boundaries and refusing to stay stagnant. The Maverick R embodies this philosophy and represents Can-Am's commitment to shattering current performance and design limitations, ushering in a new era of off-road excellence. Scullion further elaborated that the Maverick R, equipped with a 240-horsepower powerplant, an advanced DCT gearbox, and a chassis and suspension designed to harness the power, is a purpose-built, race-ready side-by-side machine for the most demanding riders.

Engine & Transmission: At the core of the Maverick R is a groundbreaking 999T Rotax 999cc turbocharged inline three-cylinder, four-stroke, fuel-injected engine that sets a new industry standard with its staggering 240 horsepower. This immense power is efficiently delivered to the ground through the Maverick R's pioneering Rotax off-road seven-speed DCT, which can operate in automatic mode or be manually controlled via paddle shifters. This combination grants the Maverick R a power-to-displacement ratio that outpaces competitors.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Maverick R features an optimized air intake for improved performance and ease of maintenance. Each cylinder is supplied by dual fuel injectors, and the turbocharger's boost pressure is expertly regulated by the industry's first electronically controlled wastegate, ensuring peak performance under all conditions.

The Maverick R offers three driving modes – Normal, Sport, and Sport+ – enabling drivers to tailor their experience. The Normal mode offers a smooth throttle response and shifts gears through the DCT at a range of 3500-4500 RPM. The Sport mode delivers enhanced throttle response and shifts gears at 8500 RPM. The Sport+ mode introduces Advanced Response Technology (ART), designed to eliminate turbo lag. ART manipulates the turbo by deactivating one cylinder, adjusting the ignition curve, and optimizing throttle body positioning to ensure optimal airflow. When full throttle is engaged, the third cylinder is reactivated, achieving maximum performance.

Chassis & Suspension: A revolutionary powerplant necessitates an equally revolutionary chassis. The Maverick R is built on a high-strength dual-phase tube steel v-shape chassis and cage, enhancing strength, rigidity, and overall vehicle performance. The innovative chassis design reduces stress on bolted connections, including front and rear suspension components that feature double-bonded bushings for a smoother and quieter ride. To complement the high-performance engine and chassis, the Maverick R boasts a class-leading vehicle footprint, measuring 77" wide and featuring a 108" wheelbase for optimal stability and maneuverability.