BYD launches FANG CHENG BAO, a new brand specializing in professional and personalized identities

12 June 2023

On June 9, BYD, the world's leading New Energy Vehicle manufacturer, officially announced its new sub-brand FANG CHENG BAO. The brand, the fifth in line of the BYD brand matrix, will meet the increasingly individual needs of consumers by offering a range of unique and professional models of New Energy Vehicles.

FANG CHENG BAO is an important addition to BYD's diversified brand matrix after Dynasty series, Ocean series, Denza series and Yangwang series. FANG CHENG BAO's vehicles range from SUVs to sports cars, and the first model, a hardcore SUV codenamed SF, is slated for launch later this year.

Literally translated as "formula" and "leopard" from Chinese, the brand name FANG CHENG BAO symbolizes the pursuit of transformative ascension and exploration of digital realms. It combines the standards and rules of the formula with the agility and wild versatility of the leopard, expressing the brand's distinctive essence and BYD's vision of future cars and lifestyles.

“Many people believe that the global transition to e-mobility is a revolution in the automotive industry, with vehicles that run on fossil fuels being replaced by electric cars. However, we at BYD believe that this is only a small part of the overall transition and a larger area is unfolding," said Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD . BYD's vision is that FANG CHENG BAO is the prelude to revolution. With an attitude of staying ahead of trends, FANG CHENG BAO and its users will unlock the future of personalized car life through its diverse range of New Energy Vehicle products.

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