BYD is the first company in the world to roll off 6 million new energy vehicles, setting another record!

6 December 2023

On November 24, BYD’s 6 millionth new energy vehicle rolled off the assembly line at its Zhengzhou factory.

It only took BYD more than 3 months to go from the "5 millionth vehicle" to the "6 millionth vehicle", setting a new production and sales record with rapid momentum. This is not only another milestone for BYD, but also a microcosm of the development of new energy vehicles in China, further promoting China's new energy vehicle industry to enter a stage of large-scale, global and high-quality development.

Thanks to all BYD people for their joint efforts, and thanks for the 6 million trusts and choices.

Behind the outstanding results lies the sweat and dedication of all BYD people. At the ceremony, employee representatives jointly welcomed the 6 millionth new energy vehicle, the Formula Leopard brand Leopard 5, rolling off the assembly line. Innovative technology creates leading products. BYD has 11 major research institutes, has applied for more than 40,000 patents globally, and has obtained more than 28,000 authorized patents. It has launched blade batteries, DM-i super hybrid, e-platform 3.0, and CTB battery-body integration. Huahua, Yi Sifang, Yunnan system, DMO super hybrid off-road platform and other disruptive technologies. BYD is facing unprecedented development opportunities. The rollout of its 6 millionth new energy vehicle further consolidates BYD's position as the global leader in new energy vehicles.

BYD's development is accelerating again, with a multi-brand matrix taking action

BYD's new energy vehicle sales exceeded 300,000 units for the first time in October, setting another monthly sales record. At the same time, the multi-brand strategy composed of BYD Brand Dynasty I Ocean, Denza brand, Yangwang brand, and Fangwangbao brand has been fully implemented. Fengwang Baobao 5 has been officially launched and the delivery cycle has started, and Yangwang U8 has started delivery. In the future, under the multi-brand strategy, BYD will use leading technology and diversified products to create more value in the market and meet the needs of different consumers.

Chinese automobiles go overseas to show their strength and accelerate “going out” and “going up”

BYD is actively developing its presence in the global market, adopting a parallel model of export and local production, and accelerating its global expansion of new energy passenger vehicles. At present, BYD's new energy passenger vehicles have entered 58 overseas countries and regions including Germany, Japan, France, Brazil, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, with cumulative overseas sales exceeding 200,000 units. It has successively won the sales championship in the new energy vehicle market in Thailand, Brazil and other places. . At the same time, BYD has attracted much attention at the Munich Auto Show and Tokyo Mobility Show. Models such as Han, Seal, Yuan PLUS, and Dolphin have been recognized by more and more international consumers. BYD and many independent brands are entering the horizons of global users, promoting the global automobile industry to accelerate into the new energy era.

BYD's 6 millionth new energy vehicle rolled off the assembly line, which would not have been possible without the overcoming difficulties of all BYD people, the coordinated development of multiple brands, and the accelerated development of the global market. In the future, BYD will continue to work with partners from all walks of life to use forward-looking strategies and innovative technologies to move towards high-quality development, lead the transformation of the global new energy vehicle industry, and help mankind move towards a better tomorrow of green and sustainable development.