Bridgestone Launches Potenza Sport AS™ Tire to Deliver Ultra-High Performance With All-Season Capabilities

7 September 2023

Bridgestone Americas has unveiled the latest addition to its popular Potenza tire line, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS. This new ultra-high-performance all-season tire is designed to offer year-round driving excitement, combining confident handling and responsive grip with exceptional wet performance and improved winter capabilities, providing a sporty driving experience in various weather conditions.

Engineered, developed, and manufactured in North America, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS is the first ultra-high-performance all-season tire to feature Bridgestone ENLITEN technology. This technology is designed to enhance all-season performance and increase tire lifespan. It includes an innovative tread compound that delivers improved performance and extended wear life without compromising on wet and winter performance. The tire incorporates Bridgestone's PeakLife polymer, which enhances tread wear resistance and helps extend tire life by forming unique bonds between the polymer and reinforcing particles.

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS is available with a Y-speed rating on select models, marking the first time Y-speed ratings have been developed for consumer replacement tires by Bridgestone's Americas Technology Center. Manufactured at Bridgestone's passenger car tire production facility in Monterrey, Mexico, this new tire is the first Y-speed-rated consumer replacement product produced at the plant.

Dale Harrigle, Chief Engineer of Replacement Tires at Bridgestone Americas, noted, "The Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS tire was created to provide the same ultra-high performance that enthusiast drivers expect from a spirited driving experience, including a quiet, comfortable ride, but with wet and winter capabilities that will keep them in command of the road year-round. The incorporation of ENLITEN technology, including custom engineering to enhance wet, winter, and wear capabilities, allows the Bridgestone Potenza Sport AS tire to offset typical tradeoffs drivers might expect from an ultra-high-performance tire so they can enjoy confident vehicle performance no matter the season."