Autosilicon introduces the world's first 14-channel battery diagnostic IC for electric vehicles and energy storage systems

3 July 2023

After mass producing its ASIL-D certified battery management IC chipset in 2022, Autosilicon Inc. launched the world's first 14-channel battery diagnostic IC  in March 2023 Market that can be used directly in high-performance battery cells for xEV and ESS.

The main function of the BDIC is to measure the AC electrochemical impedance of battery cells, which varies with frequency depending on the condition of the battery and is used for precise analysis and diagnosis of the battery's internal condition. Until now, the EIS (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) technique could typically be performed with expensive EIS devices that take up a lot of space, which has limited its use in commercial xEV/ESS applications.

Autosilicon's BDIC provides more measurement accuracy, greatly improves operating current and volume over EIS devices, and can replace multiple EIS devices with a single chip. A single BDIC can measure the impedance of up to 14 cells, and the measured impedance can be used for battery cell diagnosis, prognosis, and quality testing including SoH (State of Health), RUL (Remaining Life), and more. In addition, the BDIC can also be extended to battery modules and battery packs.

Autosilicon has developed an algorithm and software to measure the internal temperature of individual cells using the BDIC without the need for external separate temperature sensors. This enables the detection of internal or localized hot zones in battery cells before a fire or explosion occurs.

In addition, the BDIC can improve the battery diagnostic function of existing BMS (Battery Management Systems) and serve as the basis for the battery cell classification technology required for the reuse of old batteries. In conjunction with the BMIC, the BDIC can implement xEV/ESS with advanced diagnostic functions and performance and can be used in various areas of battery diagnostics and BaaS (Battery as a Service) business. It is currently being promoted to domestic and overseas customers, and Autosilicon Inc. plans to launch 16, 18 and 24 channel BDICs by the end of 2023.

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