Autonomy Partners with Atlantic Coast Automotive LLC to Offer An Innovative Alternative to Car Ownership

17 October 2023

Autonomy™, the nation's largest electric vehicle (EV) subscription company, is announcing its partnership with Atlantic Coast Automotive. This partnership signifies a foundational step in Autonomy's journey to scale its operations and offer streamlined EV ownership solutions across the United States.

By leveraging Atlantic Coast Automotive’s network, Autonomy aims to make affordable and hassle-free EV ownership accessible to dealerships nationwide. Autonomy's technology platform empowers Atlantic Coast Automotive dealerships to diversify their services, addressing the needs of customers seeking flexible alternatives to traditional financing. This collaboration expands the customer base for both Autonomy and Atlantic Coast Automotive. Autonomy's subscription package includes a range of benefits, including vehicle insurance, maintenance, wear and tear coverage, and roadside assistance, simplifying the EV ownership experience.

As part of this partnership, Atlantic Coast Automotive dealerships, equipped with Autonomy's platform, will offer customers a seamless experience from vehicle delivery to service and support. This collaboration underscores the advantages for dealerships nationwide as they adapt to the changing landscape of automotive mobility.

Subscription models are at the forefront of transforming the automotive industry, providing dealerships with a versatile and customer-focused approach to car ownership. This partnership offers a new avenue for dealerships to meet evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics.

"Our collaboration with Atlantic Coast Automotive represents a major step forward in our mission to democratize EV ownership,” said Scott Painter, CEO and Founder of Autonomy. “By expanding our reach and services, we're making it easier than ever for customers to embrace electric mobility, and we're excited to work with Atlantic Coast Automotive to drive this transformation."