AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer Expands Vehicle Fuzzing Capabilities Through Major Upgrade

6 September 2023

AUTOCRYPT, a leading automotive cybersecurity and mobility solutions company, has unveiled a significant upgrade to its automotive fuzzing software, AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer, with the release of version 2.0. This upgrade extends the testing range and automation capabilities of the software, providing automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a streamlined and efficient fuzzing process for UN R155 (WP.29) compliance.

AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer, initially launched in December 2021 as the world's first fuzzing solution designed for the vehicular environment, utilizes fuzzing algorithms based on the structures of Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS), the communication protocol employed in electronic control units (ECUs). Version 2.0 goes beyond ECUs to encompass other critical protocols, including the Controller Area Network (CAN), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Ethernet, which is vital for software-defined vehicles. Moreover, the v2.0 platform is flexible enough to allow for the addition of new protocols through software updates.

The software features an intuitive user interface (UI) that significantly enhances the user experience. However, its standout feature is its smart fuzzing capabilities. It accurately identifies the functions and technical specifications of each test target, generating test cases based on these characteristics, ensuring that only relevant test cases are used. Additionally, testing can be managed at a project level, facilitating continuous testing for multiple ECUs. Even in the event of an unexpected interruption, the fuzzing process continues seamlessly based on its automation algorithms. These attributes make AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer highly efficient and user-friendly.

Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT, emphasized the significance of fuzz testing in vehicle production, highlighting that it is not only an effective method for identifying software vulnerabilities early but also a mandatory process to obtain vehicle type approval as mandated by UN R155. He further noted that AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer was specifically developed for the automotive industry, providing diagnostic services and NRC support features based on ISO 14229 and offering support for all ISO-TP specifications defined in ISO 15765.