AUTOCRYPT Launches Cybersecurity Testing Platform for UN R155/156 and GB Compliance

22 February 2024

Automotive cybersecurity company AUTOCRYPT announced the launch of AutoCrypt CSTP, a comprehensive cybersecurity testing platform that enables integrated cybersecurity testing for vehicle type approval, in compliance with UNECE's Regulations 155/156 and SAC's GB and GB/T standards.

As UN R155 and R156 take full effect on all vehicles beginning July 2024, automotive OEMs and vehicle inspection centers will be obligated to conduct cybersecurity testing and validations based on the required criteria. AutoCrypt CSTP provides a comprehensive platform that runs a variety of vulnerability testing techniques using test cases mapped out for UN R155/156 and GB (GB/T).

With customizable hardware adaptable to PC and test bench environments, AutoCrypt CSTP offers test case licenses for three types of tests:

  1. Penetration testing: Users can select penetration testing scenarios crafted by AUTOCRYPT's offensive security testing team.
  2. Engineering Specification Testing: AUTOCRYPT offers test cases based on a vehicle's engineering specifications, enabling the accurate validation of vehicle functions.
  3. Fuzz Testing: Utilizing technology from AUTOCRYPT's proprietary vehicle fuzzing tools, AutoCrypt CSTP provides compact test cases generated by AI-based algorithms.

From test case selection and configuration to real-time logging and report generation, the entire testing process can be managed on an intuitive GUI, which can be securely linked to all inspection centers and authorities in different countries, consequently empowering faster and more precise decision-making.

"We developed AutoCrypt CSTP to give automotive OEMs the freedom to customize their test cases and select only the licenses they need for their environment, while obtaining testing results ready for vehicle type approval," AUTOCRYPT's CEO, Daniel ES Kim remarked. "Furthermore, the platform enables multi-ECU testing grouped by projects, requiring less manual intervention. The goal of making this platform is to help manufacturers allocate their resources efficiently and reduce unnecessary spending."

Besides the testing platform, AUTOCRYPT also offers fuzz testing and penetration testing services customized for the OEM's environments and needs, along with CSMS and TARA consulting services for UN R155/156 compliance.