Autel Energy to Launch Global EVergreen Tree Planting Initiative to Promote Its ESG Goals

26 March 2024

Autel Energy, a leading global provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging products and services, is proud to announce the launch of its global tree planting initiative , “Evergreen,” a program that aligns with and expands on the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. Autel will invite its key customers to actively participate in this tree planting initiative, fostering a collaborative effort towards a sustainable future.

Positioning itself as a forerunner in the electric vehicle charging industry, Autel Energy, in addition to providing comprehensive EV charging solutions, is firmly committed to pursuing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. The company's manufacturing plants, based in the United States, Vietnam and China, emphasize sustainable practices to minimize adverse effects on the environment. Efficient installations do not require air purifiers, wastewater treatment or noise protection devices. As part of the development of its products, recyclable materials are used for packaging, and the products are designed to last, exceeding 10 years of use. During the covid-19 pandemic, Autel donated essential testing equipment, contributing resources and supporting the global community's response to the pandemic. The community focus is also illustrated by the partnership concluded in 2022 with the Greening of Detroit association to jointly plant trees and foster a more environmentally friendly community.

Autel's ESG goals are aligned with the company's vision of a greener future. Autel is committed to achieving Full Cycle Net Zero by 2035, considering upstream and downstream processes throughout its value chain. These commitments include impactful measures and emissions reductions in 2023, achieving a zero carbon footprint within its facilities by 2028 and, ultimately, achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.

At Autel, ecology is part of the company's DNA, and it believes that smart charging solutions are one of the best ways to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. It strives to create a green future that goes beyond just electric vehicles, one that integrates renewable energy and creates sustainable living for generations to come.

Looking to the future, Autel Energy will continue to devote itself to technological innovation to improve the environment while exploring new materials and developing functional charging technologies. Autel recognizes its responsibility as a company and intends to leverage its influence as an industry leader to encourage partners and communities to join its enduring mission of protecting the environment.