Autel Energy Europe Announces Plan to Launch MaxiCharger Megawatt Charging System Satellite at Nordic EV Summit 2024

8 April 2024

Autel Energy, a leading global provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging products and services, is proudly moving forward with a revolutionary advancement in EV charging technology. For cutting-edge fleet operators and heavy-duty transportation players seeking unmatched efficiency and reliability, Autel is launching plans to launch the MaxiCharger Megawatt Charging System satellite at the Nordic EV Summit 2024. This system not only promises increased charging capabilities, but also ensures a fast and streamlined charging experience.

In the rapidly expanding EV ecosystem, the demand for faster and more efficient charging solutions has never been greater, especially for heavy-duty transportation. The MaxiCharger Megawatt Charging System addresses this gap head-on, providing a scalable and robust solution that meets the critical needs of the sustainable transportation sectors.

Featuring a modular design, the Maxicharger Megawatt Charging System presents itself as a model of versatility and future-readiness, with seamless scaling of over 1 MW. This innovation is at the heart of Autel Energy's AI-powered digital charging solutions, redefining excellence in the industry.

“The introduction of the MaxiCharger Megawatt Charging System at the Nordic EV Summit represents a significant step forward towards achieving sustainable transportation,” said Ting Cai, CEO, Autel Europe. This sentiment is echoed by Per Jeppsson, VP Sales, Nordics, Autel Europe, highlighting the system's role in promoting a cleaner, greener future for the sector.

In collaboration with Hubject, Autel Energy will conduct comprehensive testing to ensure seamless integration of the MaxiCharger with the leading charging network platform. This partnership aims to increase the accessibility and convenience of EV charging, providing a seamless experience for users across Europe.

Ting Cai announces the availability of the Megawatt Charging System for pre-orders, marking a pivotal moment in Autel Energy's mission for environmental stewardship.

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