Amsted Automotive Opens New Manufacturing Facility to Supply Automakers in Asian Market

7 March 2024

Amsted Automotive opened a new manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China, expanding the company's global footprint of automotive supply manufacturing to 22 facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia.

This new facility will operate as Means Nanjing Automotive Components Ltd., and it will manufacture efficiency-enhancing driveline solutions for vehicles assembled in the Asian market.

"Means Nanjing Automotive Components Ltd. provides our customers in the region better access to Amsted Automotive technology and excellence in manufacturing," said Jeremy Holt, President Amsted Automotive. "It will have the flexibility to produce products for a range of conventional, EV and HEV propulsion systems to support global automakers as market preferences and demand changes."

The new facility has capacity to produce 1 million controllable one-way clutches per year and will commence production in the third quarter of 2024.