Alpha Motor Corporation Surprises with New WOLF+ Truck Development

14 February 2023

Alpha Motor Corporation announced today that in addition to the drivable WOLF electric truck, the WOLF+ extended cabin version has also been in construction since November 2022. Alpha shared it has been progressing development of the WOLF and WOLF+ trucks to increase its ability to grow market share. Both vehicles are slated to be showcased by June 2023.

Video and images of the new WOLF+ Truck prototype are available at
One Platform, Multiple Models

"We aim to increase profitability through a multiple model offering that leverages our platform-sharing strategy. The WOLF truck platform is a basis to produce a variety of models which satisfies different consumer needs," said Alpha Motor Corporation.

Endorsement From World Class e-Mobility Engineering Powerhouse

Alpha recently received an endorsement from world class e-mobility engineering group Hinduja Tech (HTI). Details are available at