Allion Labs Unveils E-Cockpit Solutions at Automotive Testing EXPO Europe

12 June 2023

As the smart car industry continues to evolve, the E-cockpit is revolutionizing the automotive industry. It has transformed into a third living space that combines intelligence, entertainment, safety, and user-friendliness. Vehicles have transcended their conventional role as mere modes of transportation! Traditional automotive manufacturers are currently facing the challenges of rapidly advancing technologies in this new era.

Modern consumers seek ultimate sensory enjoyment and intuitive user experiences during their commutes and journeys. The environment simulation of the E-cockpit holds utmost importance for brand owners and manufacturers, as it encompasses critical factors like voltage stability, vibration levels, and low/high temperature variations. These factors play a significant role in shaping the overall automotive experience. Moreover, integrating diverse smart systems into the traditional vehicle structure poses inevitable challenges. These systems include ADAS, in-vehicle HPC, software platform quality assurance, app software usability, mobile interoperability, hardware-in-the-loop test, wireless performance, coexistence and interference, ITU-T audio quality, voice assistant scenarios, and in-car entertainment. Achieving seamless coordination between software and hardware components to deliver the intended functionalities demands significant resources and expertise.

With over 30+ years of accumulated validation experience and scenario design, Allion Labs specializes in comprehensive testing of hardware, software, and user experience for the Automotive E-cockpit as a global engineering consultancy leader.

Allion specializes in providing automotive manufacturers with next-generation Automotive solutions that empower to deliver a smart, connected, and intuitive in-vehicle experience. Furthermore, Allion conducts hardware design verification, system integration optimization, and in-vehicle user experience that simulate crucial environmental conditions for various components and functions within the E-cockpit connectivity. These include USB, HDMI, PCIe, CAN/Ethernet, LVDS/MIPI, SATA/SD, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, and Digital Key. As part of Allion Labs' commitment to the automotive industry, they will be participating in Automotive Testing EXPO Europe in Stuttgart, Germany. During the expo, Allion Labs will showcases their next-generation automotive solutions, which include the ART (Allion Robotic Test) solution, HIL AI automation solutions, PCIe test fixtures for car data storage and memory, scenario simulation, functional testing, compatibility testing, and user experience evaluation.

With a focus on quality and delivering an incredible user experience, Allion Labs is well-prepared to assist brands and manufacturers in the next-generation Automotive Solutions and related validation services for the E-cockpit,  visit Allion Labs' booth at Automotive Testing EXPO Europe Hall 8 - #8629 during June 13th -15th at Stuttgart, Germany.

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