Akkodis – Development Partner For Bmw I Vision Dee Concept Car

18 May 2023

Akkodis, part of the Adecco Group, has joined forces with the BMW Group to develop and produce the BMW i Vision Dee. Earlier this year, the BMW Group unveiled the BMW i Vision Dee to a global audience during the influential CES 2023 technology trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Working jointly with the BMW Group for the project in Germany, Akkodis contributed its in-depth digital engineering expertise to bring the BMW i Vision Dee to life. Akkodis was involved in the design and construction of the vehicle, from the implementation of the initial sketches to the drivable concept car.

Akkodis developed the specific battery and wiring harness for the drivable concept car. Digital engineering experts from Akkodis also realized the on-board network with the Akkodis Gigabox and ensured a successful commissioning of the vehicle.

The name “Dee” stands for “Digital Emotional Experience”, which represents the BMW Group’s aim to strengthen the connection and interaction between people and their vehicles. The concept car boasts a number of features including a Mixed Reality Slider, an enhanced version of the BMW Group’s pioneering Head-up Display, the ability – for the first time in the world – to change colors in the rainbow color spectrum using e-ink technology, as well as the incorporation of avatars, light, sound, and a natural human voice, engaging all five senses to create an immersive driving experience.

Jan Gupta, President of Akkodis, said, “Jointly with the BMW Group, Akkodis has contributed to the realization of the BMW i Vision Dee, lending its expertise from concept design and vehicle development, to software and on-board network development.” Jan continued, “Akkodis is the global partner of choice for the Smart Industry transformation, and the BMW Group’s concept car is a great example of how digitalization is being leveraged by a world-leading automotive manufacturer to transform the future of mobility. Harnessing newly combined tech and engineering capabilities1 our 50,000 talented people are passionate about Engineering a Smarter Future Together.”