ADS-TEC Energy and the Charging Solution Provider eliso Sign a Strategic Partnership for Ultra-Fast Charging Systems - More Than 1000 Charging Points Are to Be Installed by 2025

16 May 2023

ADS-TEC Energy (NASDAQ: ADSE), a prominent international manufacturer of battery storage-based platform solutions, is embarking on a partnership with eliso, a leading charging solutions provider. Eliso specializes in planning, installing, and operating charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) for various settings including businesses, commercial establishments, and residential properties. As part of their collaboration, eliso intends to deploy the ChargeBox and ChargePost ultra-fast charging systems within the public parking areas of specialized electrical stores in Germany later this year. The partnership focuses on leveraging ADS-TEC Energy's cutting-edge battery-buffered ultra-fast charging technology to enable rapid charging, even in locations with limited power grid capacity.

Public Ultra-Fast Charging Solutions

Teaming up with location partners such as Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport and EURONICS, eliso is establishing an extensive fast-charging network. By integrating ADS-TEC Energy's charging solutions and integrated energy storage systems, eliso aims to balance the supply and demand of electricity from renewable sources in real-time. The integrated energy storage systems can temporarily store excess electricity generated by photovoltaic systems, thereby assisting in grid stabilization.

ADS-TEC Energy's latest innovation, ChargePost, is an ultra-fast charging system with built-in battery storage. It combines two battery-buffered charging columns, charging electronics, battery storage, and optional 75-inch monitors suitable for ultra-HD advertising. ChargePost delivers rapid charging performance of up to 300 kW DC power and significant storage capacity, all within a compact footprint. This offering complements eliso's charging infrastructure objectives and aligns with their strategic direction.

Johannes Brodführer, Managing Director of eliso GmbH, highlighted, "The partnership with ADS-TEC Energy is an important step in our plan to build a public fast charging network. Our goal is to make it easy to integrate charging an e-car into everyday life. The battery storage at the charging stations from ADS-TEC Energy allows High Power Charging at locations with low connection power."

In addition to ChargePost, ADS-TEC Energy's ChargeBox, another battery storage-based ultra-fast charging solution, offers versatility when planning charging infrastructure and can be integrated seamlessly into existing architectures. The compact cube design houses the battery unit and charging technology, while the charging points (dispensers) can be positioned flexibly within a 100-meter radius, even indoors. ChargeBox operates silently during charging, even at maximum power, and can deliver up to 320 kW at a single charging point or 2x 160 kW for two parallel charging processes.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "We are pleased that in partnership with eliso we can continue to significantly advance the expansion of the fast-charging infrastructure in Germany, particularly in inner cities, and we see great potential in this cooperation. Our storage-based platform solutions are simple and quick to install, without additional grid expansion. They offer outstanding charging performance, allowing e-vehicles to charge up to a range of more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) in just a few minutes. Integrating the charging process into users' everyday lives, for example when shopping, will increase the acceptance of e-mobility."

About ADS-TEC Energy

ADS-TEC Energy plc is an Irish public limited company listed on NASDAQ, encompassing ads-tec Energy GmbH (ADSE GM) in Germany and ads-tec Energy Inc. (ADSE US) in the US. Leveraging over a decade of experience in lithium-ion technologies, ADS-TEC Energy develops and manufactures battery storage solutions and fast charging systems along with their energy management systems. Their battery-based, fast charging technology enables EVs to undergo ultra-fast charging even in regions with limited power grid capacity, all within a compact design. Renowned for high-quality systems resulting from in-house production and extensive development, ADS-TEC Energy serves as a valuable partner for automotive manufacturers, OEMs, utility companies, and charging operators. It recently gained recognition, being nominated for the German Future Prize and elevated to the "Circle of Excellence" in 2022 by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.