Actify Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Assistive Scheduling Solution for Automotive Suppliers

4 October 2023

Actify, a prominent provider of visualization and program management solutions tailored for the automotive supply chain, has announced the availability of Assistive Scheduling within its cloud-based Automotive Program Management (APM) suite.

The APM suite is designed to assist program launch teams in managing numerous interconnected projects spanning various locations, departments, and suppliers. These teams face the challenging task of ensuring that program launches adhere to quality standards, tight budgets, and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) deadlines. A crucial aspect of their responsibilities involves keeping program launches on course amidst constant changes. Assistive Scheduling aims to facilitate well-informed schedule modifications that consider available options, change combinations, and modeled outcomes.

Once a particular scenario is chosen, the system swiftly notifies team members of changes affecting their specific tasks and timelines. This tool enhances managers' ability to use their expertise to make informed decisions, ultimately reducing costs and risks associated with program launches.

David Opsahl, CEO of Actify, referred to this capability as a breakthrough, not previously available in any commercial program or project management software. It enables automotive suppliers to manage schedule changes with unprecedented diligence, efficiency, and confidence.

Actify APM is a unified software environment that offers a more effective approach for automotive supplier teams to manage program launches. It replaces the industry-standard, disconnected practices that rely on spreadsheets, project tools, and dashboards. Actify's integrated solution eliminates non-value-added activities and allows launch teams to concentrate on achieving the best possible program outcomes. It also serves as a foundation for developing innovative capabilities that enhance the success of automotive program management, such as Assistive Scheduling.