Accelerating the 'Go Global' Strategy: NETA Auto Launches Featured Model in Indonesia and Malaysia

26 October 2023

In a rapid stride towards globalization, NETA Auto has embarked on journeys in two additional countries this week. The exciting debut of NETA V in Indonesia and Malaysia brings a new era of intelligent electric vehicles to consumers in both nations. With its exceptional design, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to green intelligence, NETA has swiftly gained favor in the Southeast Asian market, marking a significant milestone in the further implementation of its global strategy.

Since making a strong impression at the 2023 GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show of August, NETA has become a prominent star in the Indonesian consumer market. At the grand launch event in Jakarta on October 24th, NETA officially announced the commencement of comprehensive sales in Indonesia. It leveraging key technologies in core areas such as innovative design, intelligent technology, aims to fulfill the Indonesian consumers' desires for intelligent mobility. More than 200 attendees, including NETA's Vice President and President of Overseas Business Department, Mr. Zhou Jiang, other executives, as well as Indonesian partners and media representatives, participated in the event.

Furthermore, to solidify its position in the Indonesian market, NETA has opted for deep collaboration with local partner PT Handal Indonesia Motor. The plan is to initiate localized production of products in Indonesia starting from the second quarter of 2024. Representatives from the media and business community present at the event expressed that NETA's diverse product lineup and cutting-edge innovative technologies will make it the preferred choice for electric vehicle consumers in Indonesia.

Also in this week, NETA in collaboration with the Go Auto Group, held the launch ceremony of NETA V in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The event was held in one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia for 5 days from 25th. Nearly 100 media and partner representatives attended the launching ceremony on the first day of the event.

In recent years, the pure electric vehicle market in Malaysia has experienced rapid growth. With its remarkable performance in both domestic and overseas markets, NETA Auto is set to introduce a series of classic models to the Malaysian market, offering local consumers a wider range of choices. The launching ceremony marks that NETA Auto has officially joined the force of green mobility in Malaysia, making a positive contribution towards promoting intelligence and green mobility.

Starting from Thailand in 2022, NETA took its solid first step towards global development. Last year, NETA achieved annual sales exceeding 150,000 vehicles, placing it at the forefront of new energy vehicle enterprises in China. In 2023, NETA fully initiated its overseas operations, and in just over a year, the company's market share in the pure electric vehicle market in Thailand has approached 20%. Beyond Southeast Asia, NETA is gradually entering markets in the Middle East, North Africa, and South America.

In 2024, NETA plans to establish a global sales network covering 50 countries, with 500 overseas sales and service outlets, contributing to its goal of achieving overseas sales of 100,000 vehicles in the coming year. NETA is truly making waves as it propels itself onto the international scene.

Guided by the value of 'Tech for All', NETA Auto's entry into international markets is not merely about selling products, but also about conveying a philosophy that high-quality smart electric vehicles should be accessible to everyone. By accelerating its presence in international markets, NETA will continue to meet the global demand for high-quality electric vehicles, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable mobility worldwide.