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Personal mobility that expands opportunities to meet



Personal mobility that expands opportunities to meet




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Personal mobility that expands opportunities to meet "REAL" people, enjoy nature Personal mobility that expands opportunities to meet "REAL" people, enjoy nature, and make traveling freer, more fun, and more comfortable.The new personal mobility i-REAL was developed with the intention of increasing opportunities to enjoy encounters with a variety of people and objects by enabling movement. Development of this new type of mobility was unconstrained by conventional car manufacturing concepts. The i-REAL was developed in order to decrease the environmental impact and energy consumption associated with individual daily travels. It runs on electricity up to 30 kilometers (approx. 18.6 miles) per charge. It is a three-wheeled vehicle, with two wheels in the front and one in the back, and is capable of switching driving modes between walking mode and cruising mode. It uses a drive controller to enable operability regardless of the driver's physical abilities. Anyone can easily operate it even with one hand. Also, an "active lean" system is adopted, which is an innovative balance controller that enables stable acceleration, deceleration, and turns as well as superior dynamic performance. There are many safety measures, such as a perimeter monitoring sensor that detects obstacles and alerts others of your presence through the pleasing use of lights and sound. There are also other functions that make traveling more fun, such as a communication display capable of sending and receiving blogs and local information as well as sharing information with other i-REAL drivers. Currently, Toyota plans to implement practical trials inside facilities aiming for commercial production in the near future. We are striving for early commercial production of personal mobility to offer joy and fun-filled travel, an intrinsic value of mobility, to as many people as possible.