Automotive Final Assembly

Final assembly is the point at which so many of the features that are unique to a given customer’s order are incorporated in the vehicle, from engine variants to trim options to comfort features and more. Mistakes impact the bottom line through reduced productivity and rework. HMIs networked to PLCs and the MES environment can provide operators with a ‘fool proof’ system for final assembly that can dramatically reduce the possibility of mistakes.

The same HMIs can also double as problem-solving terminals, eliminating the need to plug in diagnostic PCs, and enabling operators to diagnose and solve problems on the line as and when they occur. Allowing the operators to take local control and ownership of the line provides a big boost to productivity.

HMIs that provide a window into the process also ease ongoing maintenance efforts, making it simple to implement predictive and proactive maintenance schedules. This holds the key to reducing unscheduled downtime and maximising line availability.

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