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World Upholstery & Trim is Now Manufacturing BMW 2800/3.0CS (E9) Door and Rear Quarter Panels

Monday, Apr 10, 2017

World Upholstery & Trim has just announced that they are now manufacturing authentic reproductions of the door and rear quarter panels found in BMW 2800CS and 3.0CS (E9 model) allowing for a more complete restoration of these classic cars.

 The new panels, bundled as a kit, include 2 door panels and 2 rear quarter panels. The boards are die-cut to specification and trimmed with authentic heat-sealed German vinyl just as they were when still manufactured by BMW. While the vinyl itself is free of any punctures, the board itself has all the necessary holes to allow for easy installation of all attached hardware.

“World Upholstery has a long history of reproducing parts that car manufacturers can no longer provide. And even though these panels are reproductions, they were designed and crafted with the same care and attention to detail as the originals that we can proudly say that it is not in any way inferior to the OEM version. This is a testament of the kind of work that we do in our company,” said Ramon Rochin, Director of World Upholstery’s Marketing Department. “At this time, we are the only company that can offer reproductions of the BMW E9 panels. It is our latest addition to a lineup of interior parts that only World Upholstery can exclusively make,” he concluded.

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World Upholstery & Trim is a manufacturing company that specializes on reproducing soft interior trim products found in older, high-end European automobiles. Based in Santa Paula, California, the company fills the needs of a select segment of the upscale classic car market where the focus is on quality and authenticity. Products encompass pre-sewn seat upholstery, complete carpet sets, convertible tops, tonneau covers, top boots, headliners, rubber seals and miscellaneous interior panels all made in the USA but sold all over the world.


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