WOLFBOX Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary and Launches New Product EV Charger

2 November 2023

WOLFBOX, a leading provider of automotive electronics, is proud to announce its 4-year anniversary on November 3. Over the past four years, WOLFBOX has earned a reputation among over 2 million driver customers as a high-quality brand in the automotive electronics market. The company specializes in dash cams and car fridges, which are designed to enhance the driving experience. This year, with the launch of the WOLFBOX Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger, the company is expanding its product line to provide even more solutions for electric vehicle owners.

"We are thrilled to celebrate our 4-year anniversary and the launch of our new product EV Charger. But most of all, we're proud of the impact that our products and our community have had on our customers' lives," said Jonathan Smith, CEO of WOLFBOX. "It's been an incredible journey so far, and we're excited to continue growing and innovating in the years to come."

The Best-In-Class Product: Dash Cam

WOLFBOX dash cams have received positive reviews from millions of customers worldwide, thanks to their advanced features such as 4K clarity, wide-angle lenses, GPS, parking mode, and night vision.

In particular, mirror dash cams such as G900 and G890 have become popular choices among off-road enthusiasts due to their exceptional functionalities and cutting-edge design, which has built a vibrant off-roading community that has positively impacted brand awareness.

Today, WOLFBOX has gained over 20 million brand impressions through word-of-mouth recommendations and social media sharing. Furthermore, WOLFBOX has supported off-roading and recovery non-profit organizations that promote safe and responsible off-roading practices and make a positive impact on local communities.

WOLFBOX's dash cams have played a significant role in the brand's success, helping to establish it as a trusted and reliable provider of driving solutions while promoting responsible and sustainable practices.

The New Product Series: Level 2 EV Charger

The WOLFBOX EV Charger is an intelligent, multi-functional charger that provides all-around intelligent management of the charging state and charging process, ensuring the efficiency and stability of charging. The product has been fully upgraded in terms of performance, providing customers with more confidence and peace of mind.

Furthermore, the charger offers a variety of charging methods, including scheduled charging and remote monitoring of charging status, and RFID cards can also be used. The WOLFBOX Level 2 EV Charger is your best choice for intelligent, efficient, safe, and convenient charging, whether at home or out.

Social Media Giveaways: #WOLFBOX4ward

To celebrate this milestone, WOLFBOX will host a Instagram giveaways from October 30 to November 18.

Content requirement for entry: Share your adventure moments with or without WOLFBOX and use #WOLFBOX4ward for the chance to win products and gift cards.

Four winners will be selected following the below schedule:

  • October 30 - November 3: 3-Channel Dash Cam G890
  • November 4 - November 8: Drivechill Car Fridge
  • November 9 - November 13: Dual Touchscreen Dash Cam G840H
  • November 14 - November 18: 4K+2.5K Mirror Dash Cam G900

Anniversary Sale Checklist

11.3-11.9: Hot-Seller Week
11.10-11.16: Classic Charm Week
11.17-11.23: Fresh Finds Week
11.24-11.30: Bonanza Week


As the leading brand in the automotive electronics market, WOLFBOX's product sales cover more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and being trusted by over 2 millions of drivers.

WOLFBOX strive to deliver cutting-edge electronics with the latest trends and up-to-date technology to enhance the driving experience and cater to the evolving needs of modern drivers.

Meanwhile, WOLFBOX continuously bring up-to-date technology and reliable products for individuals who share the same values of adventure, free-spirit, and vitality, to empower them fully experience the joy of the open road, while ensuring their safety and comfort.

For more information about WOLFBOX 4-year Anniversary events and sale, please visit WOLFBOX® Official Site| Best Mirror Dashcam with 18-month Warranty.