Velodyne Lidar announces multi-year distribution agreement with Local Motors

21 November 2020

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. announced a multi-year distribution agreement with Local Motors, a leading digital vehicle manufacturer that provides sustainable mobility solutions to support communities around the world developed. With the Velodyne lidar sensors, Local Motors realizes the safe, reliable operation of Olli, the electronic, self-powered 3D printing shuttle.

Local Motors uses numerous Velodyne Puck ™ sensors in Olli so that mobility services can be implemented in the immediate vicinity, on the organizational site and in urban city centers. The distribution agreement also gives Local Motors the ability to integrate additional Velodyne sensors into the Olli design, including the Velarray H800 . This enables the company to further optimize the autonomous vehicle's perception system.

The puck sensor with 360 ° all-round perception is able to rule out blind spots, as Olli navigates under different driving conditions. The proven durability on the road and the range of functions of the sensor for safer navigation were also important decision criteria for Local Motors.

With the slim, compact puck form factor, Local Motors was able to aesthetically integrate the sensor into the elegant Olli design, for example behind the AGC Wideye ™ window for self-propelled vehicles. A highly automated mass production facility enables Velodyne to cost-effectively supply puck sensors to the Local Motors microfactory.

Olli is used in universities, corporate parks, and communities across the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Olli acts as a link in multimodal transport networks and complements existing mobility ecosystems with a solution for the first and last meters of transport, thus counteracting transport gaps and inefficiencies.

One of the areas in which Olli 2.0 is used for the final journeys by Local Motors is the test and learning program of the Jacksonville (Florida) transportation authority, USA. This use of Olli 2.0 at the agency was the first in the USA and was made possible by a recently established partnership with Beep, a provider of mobility as a service, based in Florida. Local Motors and Beep plan to deploy hundreds of autonomous vehicles in the coming years.

"We selected the sensors through a rigorous evaluation process that clearly identified Velodyne as the right strategic partner to meet our long-term lidar needs with," said Vikrant Aggarwal, President of Local Motors. “Velodyne's technological leadership gives us the confidence that we will always have the latest lidar technology to ensure more safety for our vehicles. We look forward to the joint development work for our product offerings in order to generate more use cases in autonomous mobility. "

"With Olli, Local Motors is empowering communities to redefine local transportation and reopen opportunities for people with mobility issues," said Laura Wrisley, Vice President of North American Sales at Velodyne Lidar. “Our sensors provide the much-needed data for Olli's critical security features. Local Motors is a valued, open customer with whom we work well on their lidar needs. The findings from Local Motors for our product development and prototypes were very helpful for the design of our sensor portfolio for the purpose of a safer autonomous ride. "

Velodyne puck sensors generate abundant data on computer perception, which make it possible to quickly and easily create high-precision 3D models for navigation in autonomous solutions. The puck provides a high-resolution image of the all-round view, with which surroundings can be precisely measured and analyzed. The reliability, energy efficiency and versatility of Puck make it an ideal solution for demanding mobility and other applications.

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