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The Growing Demands of Remanufacturing in the Asia Pacific

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016

Along with the increasing number of automobiles and End-of-Life vehicles in Asia-Pacific countries, resource shortages and environmental pollution have become ever-pressing issues. Developing sustainable approaches to manufacturing is a critical global concern. Remanufacturing, which has been increasingly discussed during Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) talks since 2006, is now deemed a key solution towards these problems.

Looking around the reman industry in the Asia-Pacific region, the Chinese government has formulated a package plan to support remanufacturing, ASEAN countries have seen a slight rebound in their auto industries after the automotive recession last year, and Australia is preparing to usher in a new age of remanufacturing in wake of the TPP agreement.

Examining broader views of the remanufacturing industry in Asia-Pacific countries, the number of automobiles is vast and growing and the prospects for construction machinery are bright. How can businesses take full advantage of the market environment? How can they surmount policy restrictions and core collection problems, and turn around the low acceptance of customers to stimulate the development of the reman business?

Therefore, a professional gathering which amasses world-renowned OEMs, automobile spare parts companies, heavy-duty off-road (HDOR) and electrical remanufacturers, is in desperate need at this moment and that’s the reason for the 3rd Asia Pacific Remanufacturing Summit. This event serves as an exclusive platform for attendees to keep up to date with the latest market information, interact with and learn from industry professionals, network, and discover promising opportunities within all sectors of the remanufacturing community.

At the same time, these key aforementioned remanufacturing players will also focus on the latest pressing topics of the moment in the remanufacturing industry in Asia Pacific, including regional polices and remanufacturing technologies, Import & Export policies, core collection system, market entry approaches, and independent aftermarket and so on, and provide related solutions according to their own successful development experiences.

The summit will be a good opportunity to network with experts and expand business in Asia-Pacific countries. Your fellow remanufacturing industry peers will be looking forward to seeing you at the 3rd Asia Pacific Remanufacturing Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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