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Synthetic Automotive Lubricants in UK to Reach 126,000 Metric Tons in 2021

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018

Demand for synthetic automotive lubricants in the UK is forecast to rise 2.2% per year to 126,000 metric tons in 2021. Factors supporting demand gains include:

  • tightening emissions regulations and OEM recommendations that call for low viscosity lubricants
  • ongoing consumer interest in improving fuel economy
  • arrival of more modern engines in the vehicle fleet due to vehicle turnover
  • expanding availability of synthetic blends, which offer many performance advantage of full synthetics at a more affordable price

Demand for synthetic and conventional automotive lubricants in the United Kingdom is forecast to fall slightly to 286,000 metric tons in 2021. Improved engine technologies and high quality lubricant formulations that will continue to lengthen average drain intervals will play a part in this decline. These and other trends are presented in Automotive Lubricants Market in the UK, a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

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Engine oils will make up the largest share of demand, accounting for 72% of the market in 2021. Light vehicles like cars and SUVs account for a greater share of lubricant demand in the UK than anywhere else in the world. These vehicles have an outsized impact upon engine oils, accounting for nearly three-fourths of demand for this product.

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