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Sanhua Automotive inaugurates TXV facility in Mexico

Saturday, Jul 01, 2017

On June 20th (local Mexican time), the launch ceremony of Sanhua Automotive TXV production line was held in Sanhua Mexico plant. Mr. Ruben Morera Valdes, governor of Coahuila, Mexico, Mr. Zhang Daocai, president of Sanhua Holding Group, Mr, Shi Chuliang, GM of Sanhua Automotive, Mr. Ni Xiaoming, GM of Sanhua Micro-channel and others, total of 200 people attended the ceremony.

Mr. Ruben Morera Valdes and Mr. Zhang Daocai had a nice meeting before the ceremony. Mr. Ruben Morera Valdes introduced investment environment of Coahuila and welcomes Sanhua investment with good policies and services, especially building a good connection bettween local labours, techonology resources and Sanhua's development. Mr. Zhang Daocai expressed his thanks and presented Sanhua status and strategy, in which Sanhua will promote talents localization and realize the integration of Sanhua galobal management and local economic and social development.

The launch ceremony begun with a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. Afterwards, Mr. Ruben Morera Valdes and Mr. Zhang Daocai uncovered congratulation plaque together where Coahuila government presented to Sanhua Mexico Plant.

Mr. Richard Aguirre, mayor of Ramos and Mr. Shi Chuliang, GM of Sanhua Automotive gave a speech respectively in the main venue. Then, Mr. Zhang Dao Cai made a speech to reassert Sanhua's strategy of local plants construction and Mexico plant as a global important production base.

Mr. Zhang Daocai and Mr. Ruben Morera Valdes moved into production area and pressed the button together to launch Sanhua Automotive TXV production line. Then Mr. Zhang Daocai and Mr. Ruben Morera Valdes signed their names in two of the first batch products to remember this important moment.

Mr. Ruben Morera Valdes presented an award to Mr. Zhang Daocai as appreciation of Sanhua's contribution to local economic development.

The launch ceremony of Sanhua Automotive TXV production line in Mexico came to an success end in a festive atmosphere. Mexico state television and local media conducted live interviews and reports.

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