Rockwell Automation Opens New Innovation Center for Electric Vehicles in Silicon Valley

20 June 2019

Rockwell Automation, a leading provider of automotive solutions and services, today opened a new Innovation Center for Electric Vehicles (EV) in the automotive sector. 111 North Market Street in San Jose, California, within its IT Solutions Development Center. The center will feature live manufacturing demonstrations, hands-on labs using new technology, and events showcasing collaboration with industry experts and Rockwell Automation partners.

Based on augmented and virtual reality modeling, the VE Innovation Center offers start-up companies and established builders an environment conducive to learning new technologies and standards, so they can market vehicles. more quickly, cheaper and cheaper.

It is the combination of Rockwell Automation technology with that of its partners that makes the center unique. For example, FactoryTalk InnovationSuite from Rockwell Automation, powered by PTC, is an unmatched integrated solution that combines PTC and Rockwell Automation software. In the same way, Eagle Technologies supplies the battery assembly machine and FANUC, the robotic technologies. Both solutions are integrated with Rockwell Automation technology.

Hirata, a turnkey assembly line builder, offers an assembly cell that illustrates the assembly and testing of electrical drive units. Emulate 3D, Rockwell Automation's simulation software, allows prototyping and testing of machines before they are built. teamtechnik performs functional tests to confirm performance before integrating the drive into the electric vehicle.

"With the increasing demand from consumers around the world, electric vehicle manufacturers are facing aggressive production delays," said John Kacsur, Vice President, Automotive and Tire Industries, Rockwell Automation. "We have created the Electric Vehicle Innovation Center to expand their capabilities and allow them to offer their products to consumers quickly and at the lowest possible cost while operating more efficiently.

"It's an immersive experience that helps customers build and deliver The Connected Enterprise - our vision of intelligent manufacturing that enables them to leverage data and drive positive business results." said Kacsur. "With more than 4,000 vehicle manufacturing projects designed, installed and commissioned successfully, Rockwell Automation knows how to help electric vehicle manufacturers market faster and better manage their business risks. "

Mr Kacsur stressed that the VE Center supports digitization efforts not only for automotive and tire customers, but for all sectors. Customers are invited to visit the VE center and meet industry experts.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electric vehicles should, by 2040, account for 54% of new vehicle sales. Batteries currently represent one third of the cost of an electric vehicle. As battery costs continue to fall, the demand for electric vehicles will increase by up to 40 million new EV batteries needed each year to power new vehicles.

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