Joint Development of FPT, Yamaha Motor and Ecopark System for Automated Driving Vehicles

12 April 2019

FPT leading IT system development in Vietnam, Yamaha Motor, a leading manufacturer and marketer of motorcycles, Urban development company Ecopark, We signed a memorandum on demonstration experiments aimed at joint development of an automated driving system for small vehicles.

Through this joint development, FPT will develop automated driving software with artificial intelligence (AI) and LiDAR technology. Yamaha Motor co-develops and consults with autonomous driving technology in ECOPARK, and Ecopark provides infrastructure and facilities necessary for demonstration and development. Through this collaboration, the three companies will accelerate development of autonomous driving technology and aim to realize Vietnam's smart public transport vision.

In this experiment, we advance development and verification of items such as operation to a predetermined point, identification of lanes on the route, stop / parking / disembarkation according to the passenger's request, detection / avoidance of obstacles during travel By the end of 2019, we aim to realize a deceleration that detects vehicles and obstacles on the road, an automatic parking function without a driver, and a reservation function by a user through a mobile application.

FPT Software Chairman Hoang Nam Tien stated: "This partnership demonstrates our commitment to making a positive impact on society through innovation. We are based on in-depth research and capabilities such as artificial intelligence, data analysis, automotive IoT, cloud computing and imaging. , Announced the launch of fully automated technology in 2017. Two years later, fully automated technology developed by FPT in-house was integrated into the car, and trials on the FSOFT Hotimmin Campus were successfully conducted. By co-production, we hope that autonomous vehicles using our technology will be adopted in urban areas, luxury resorts, factories, warehouses, etc. every day. "

The FPT has achieved level 3 in automatic driving so far, and is about to upgrade another level by the end of 2019. Leading Southeast Asian IT service providers are trying to acquire Level 5 which is the highest level of autonomous car solutions and ISO 26262, which is international safety standard of automobile industry, within several years.

Mr. Shoji Shiraishi, Fellow of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and General Manager of NV Business Division, Advanced Technology Division, said: "Yamaha Motor has selected FPT, which has a track record of global projects in digital transformation, as its first partner in Vietnam. We will work with FPT to develop advanced autonomous driving technologies. We are also convinced that Ecopark Green City is one of the best places where Yamaha Motor's electric compact vehicles are to travel, and with 20 years of research and development, we are looking to the future of mobility The goal is to develop a low-speed, clean smart car that can be shaped, and we believe this collaboration will surely lead to the realization of our vision. ”

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The partnership between FPT and a global company like Yamaha Motor brings significant benefits to Ecopark. Nguyen Dung Minh, Deputy General Manager of Ecopark, says: "This partnership will help us to establish a status as a smart city. By using information technology such as artificial intelligence, to improve the living standard of residents while effectively using energy and natural resources. Apart from greenery and urban landscape, the smart city concept will be an important strategy now and in the near future, increasing investment in science and technology application, famous as a partner in this field of FPT and Yamaha Motor Believes that the latest technology will be adopted for the local population. ”

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With its comprehensive urban planning and diverse facilities in a vast green area, Ecopark is the most valuable city in Vietnam. It is a pioneering city for sustainable greening development and has received numerous international awards. With the vision of ecoparks to evolve from a mere green city to a green smart and modern first-class city, investors have mainly invested in adopting the latest technologies and efficient energy use. As well as electric vehicles that use green energy, autonomous vehicles are a major concern of the 2019 Eco Park this year. Details are

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