GWM Announces P Series Pickup Global Deployment Plan

21 September 2020

GWM, a world-class manufacturer of SUVs and pickups, announced the worldwide deployment of its P Series pickup. This series, developed under the manufacturer's new P71 platform, is a production system fully compliant with a series of regulations for safety, emissions of world standards and has been designed for world markets in line with the mission of creating smart products, being the latest addition to the GWM range.

The P Series is the next-generation pickup range that integrates smart and safety features, making it the most prominent product update in its 23-year history of international sales. GWM is expected to improve international competitiveness and enter prominent pickup markets. The official name of the range to be adopted in international markets will be announced at a later stage.

"Pickups are one of the most popular models in world markets as they are widely used in everyday life and at work. At a time when emerging technology is reshaping the world, and the automotive is in a phase of transformation, we believe that smart technology, connectivity and electrification are future development trends in the pickup segment, "said Tony Sun , assistant to the international general manager of GWM. "As new technologies evolve, we believe this new range represents how we reimagine the future of the pickup segment."

In addition to managing the basic load capacity, the vehicle's performance will be improved in several aspects, including safety, application of smart technology, and the ability to navigate different terrains in addition to the driver's work, travel and outings in daily activities. True multi-purpose pickups are expected to excel in four areas: driving comfort, leisure driving experience, cargo capacity and off-road performance. GWM's multi-purpose pickups integrate Smart and Safe design into every aspect of the driving experience, providing new value-added experiences for drivers.

The P Series is the first model developed with the latest P71 platform equipped with new technologies. Drawing on GWM's revolutionary technology and innovative R&D capabilities in SUV models, in addition to 23 years of experience, GWM is dedicated to creating a new range of globally competitive pickups in high-end SUVs. for the first time.

Intelligent safety design is at the heart of the P Series pickups, representing the application of new GWM technologies. This pickup series is an extension of the current pickup class with substantial technology updates underway. GWM looks forward to further developing competitive markets through the deployment of this series, bringing new experiences to customers around the world.

Emerging technologies are paving the way for the next generation of pickups as the automotive industry undergoes a rapid transformation. GWM seeks to lead the transformation with a focus on industry leading technology and manufacturing quality. Since announcing the advancement from a China- based automotive company to a global mobility technology company, GWM has invested in smart technology, connectivity and autonomous driving technology, placing the manufacturer in a prominent position that serves to revolutionize the existing global market for pickups.

About GWM

GWM is a prestigious world class SUV and pickpus manufacturer. The firm has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2003 and on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2011. With four brands, including HAVAL, WEY, ORA and GWM Pickup, the automaker produces conventional and new-energy vehicles, focusing on SUVs. and in the pickups. GWM has independent support capacity on major parts, including engines and transmissions. At the end of 2019, GWM had more than 80 subsidiaries, with some 60,000 employees around the world. In 2019, the company posted 4.497 billion yuan (about $ 663 million) in net profit. As of the end of 2019, GWM's total assets were about 113 billion yuan (about 16.7 billion US dollars). In 2019,

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