Yadea launches three new electric bike models at CES 2023

11 January 2023

Yadea , the world's leading brand of electric two-wheelers, debuted at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas . An appearance at the annual event is a key and strategic step on its globalization roadmap to 2023. The brand unveiled a range of new electric bike models at the show, including the Innovator, URider S and Trooper 01, with the goal of revolutionizing the riding experience for cyclists across North America.This is followed by Yadea's successful participation in EUROBIKE and EICMA in 2022, when the brand introduced a series of new electric motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds and scooters and attracted the attention of dealers.

Yadea's three two-wheeler exhibits with its patented smart motor technology became one of the highlights of CES 2023.

Yadea Group started manufacturing electric bicycles five years ago and created an R&D team with graduates from Tsinghua University. It should be noted that 90% of the engines installed in their e-bikes are self-developed.

Yadea 's patented smart motor features a maximum torque of 100Nm and a built-in multi-sensor algorithm that can accurately determine the rider's intention, with torque sensor accuracy reaching 0.01Nm. With no internal connectors, the motor has the fewest parts in the industry, minimizing the potential for interference and making it easy to repair and replace.

Notably, the Innovator , which received both the Bronze IDEA Award and the Japan Good Design Award, features a cast magnesium unibody body, as well as a single-arm front and rear design, a folded size of up to 9,535 feet, and a flat design. unique to the storage stand, all of which come together to deliver an exceptional travel experience and make it the ideal transportation tool for travelers. In addition, Innovator also takes advantage of Yadea's patented TorqueTronic technology to enhance the driving experience by making gear shifting smoother.

URider S  comes equipped with a large capacity and high density LG18650 lithium battery, a 48V 3 Amp fast charger (charges in 4-5 hours), as well as front and rear racks with high load capacity.

One of the highlights of Trooper 01 is its similarity to a motorcycle astride in terms of appearance. The electric bike comes loaded with powerful high-energy-density lithium cells, plus wide tires and superior disc brakes that ensure a safe riding experience even on bumpy and poorly paved roads.

In addition, the solution is available in a 1,000W twin-motor version and a 750W single-motor version, both with Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (ELSD) technology, which improves safety features by preventing loss of control. during starting and climbing. The specific TFT-LCD screen allows real-time viewing of the status of the front and rear motors. The driver can easily switch between the vehicle's multiple modes, including front single-wheel drive, rear single-wheel drive, spot four-wheel drive and full-time four-wheel drive. With features that can be customized to personal preference, the electric bike offers a more entertaining and innovative riding experience.

Yadea enters the US market with the launch of new two-wheeled vehicles ideal for medium or short distance trips

To take advantage of the great opportunities offered by the rapid growth of the US market, Yadea plans to launch a series of local marketing campaigns around Trooper 01, URider S and Innovator this year, with the aim of driving the growth of the brand in the market by supporting and collaborating with its local partners.

At the same time, Yadea has been building and expanding its presence through multiple channels. In addition to launching its official website for e-bike products ( https://store.yadea.com ), the company has also built electric bike aftermarket warehouses and logistics facilities in several western and midwestern states of USA in order to offer prompt after-sales service. The e-bike maker has also tried to expand its dealer network by attracting investment at this year's CES.

Yadea is confident that with the combination of quality, technologies and services, the company is well positioned to offer extraordinary products and services to local consumers in the near future, while enhancing the experience of electric bike users.